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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What job does Theresa's oldest sister get after her annulment?
(a) Waitress.
(b) Bartender.
(c) Teacher.
(d) Airline attendant.

2. Why does Theresa accept the new job?
(a) To get a good reference.
(b) Because she is bored.
(c) For the money.
(d) To be closer to the professor.

3. How does the English professor react when Theresa tells him about her pain?
(a) He seems to be more gentle toward her.
(b) He tells her to see the school nurse.
(c) He blows it off.
(d) He takes her to see his wife for treatment.

4. What does Gary tell police about what he was doing when he awoke?
(a) He doesn't know how he got there.
(b) He has no idea why they want to question him.
(c) He thinks he must have been trying to keep her warm.
(d) He was alone when he awoke.

5. What ailments does Theresa begin to experience near the end of the second semester?
(a) Back and pelvic pains.
(b) Headaches and vomiting.
(c) Back and head aches.
(d) Dizziness and headaches.

6. What are Theresa's job duties in her new workplace?
(a) Cleaning the doctor's office.
(b) Cleaning bathrooms.
(c) Grading papers.
(d) Changing sheets and washing dishes.

7. What does Gary do when he hears the doorbell while in Theresa's apartment?
(a) Pretends he is Theresa and says he's fine.
(b) Hides in the closet.
(c) Jumps out the window.
(d) Stabs Theresa just to make sure she's dead.

8. What was the suspect's defense when asked why he didn't simply leave the roommate arrangement he had in New York?
(a) He had no money.
(b) He was afraid of being alone.
(c) He liked the guy.
(d) He was afraid of the guy.

9. Who gives Gary money to help with his run from the law?
(a) Katherine.
(b) No one - he steals it.
(c) Theresa.
(d) George.

10. Who does Theresa's sister first marry?
(a) Her fiance's young cousin.
(b) Her fiance.
(c) A one-night stand.
(d) Her fiance's brother.

11. What happens right after the professor sees Theresa's scar?
(a) They are intimate.
(b) He leaves the room.
(c) He calls for a nurse.
(d) He calls his wife to ask what to do.

12. What title does Theresa choose for her final English assignment?
(a) "What I Learned in English."
(b) "The Little Engine that Coudn't."
(c) "The Fan Club."
(d) "The Jerk Professor."

13. What best describes the topic of Theresa's final English essay?
(a) A slight toward the professor for not being able to have her.
(b) A tongue-in-cheek view of the professor's attitude.
(c) A glowing report of how much she enjoyed the professor's class.
(d) A parody about all the girls who follow the professor.

14. What is unique about the age of Theresa and her siblings?
(a) They all have a limp.
(b) Their ages make it seem like two separate families.
(c) They never fight or argue.
(d) They all had surgery.

15. How does Theresa's scar make her feel?
(a) Aggressive with an edge.
(b) Different and disfigured.
(c) Beautiful.
(d) Like a "bad girl."

Short Answer Questions

1. How much time passes after the death before police get a confession?

2. Which professor does Theresa have an appointment to see?

3. How does the professor change over the summer?

4. Who plays a large role in where Theresa will attend college?

5. When does the English professor encourage Theresa to schedule her next set of classes?

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