Looking for Mr. Goodbar Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Where is Gary from and why is he in New York?

Gary is from Florida. He is in New York because he is trying to avoid a warrant for his arrest.

2. What, other than a ride, does Gary pick up while hitchhiking. Why is it important?

Other than a ride, Gary picks up the driver's wallet while hitchhiking. It is important because Gary can use the guy's drivers license as ID to get a job.

3. Explain Gary's relationship with George.

George is homosexual. He gives Gary a place to live in exchange for sexual companionship. George takes advantage of Gary's situation by making him wear a dress to a party.

4. Where is Gary when he confesses and what is his mindset regarding his murder of Theresa?

Gary is in Ohio when he confesses. He believes he is the victim and does not really seem to understand the magnitude of the murder he committed.

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