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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Theresa (pages 25-68).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the suspect have no where to stay once he gets to New York?
(a) He can't find work as an actor.
(b) His relative died.
(c) The Broadway hotels are booked.
(d) The friend has moved.

2. As far as the suspect is concerned, who is the real victim in "About the Confession?"
(a) Society is.
(b) The police officer.
(c) His roommate.
(d) He is.

3. How does Theresa's new class schedule affect her usual lunch dates?
(a) It gives her longer lunches.
(b) It ends the lunch dates.
(c) It gives her two days off.
(d) It gives her three days off.

4. What is happening when Gary awakens?
(a) He is in the middle of an orgasm.
(b) Theresa tries to smother him.
(c) Theresa takes her last breath.
(d) George is beating him.

5. How does Theresa begin spending her free time during her second set of classes?
(a) Working in the library.
(b) As a housekeeper.
(c) Working for Martin.
(d) Working in the English department.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Theresa's scar make her feel?

2. Where does Theresa enroll in college?

3. What is unique about the age of Theresa and her siblings?

4. Why does Theresa accept the new job?

5. What are Theresa's job duties in her new workplace?

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