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Lesson 1 (from About the Confession)


Before reading the book, students will learn about the author, Judith Rossner. Students will study the author's educational background, personal background, professional background, and other writings.


1) Small group activity: Break the class into groups of three or four, creating enough groups to research these topics: the author's childhood, education, other writings, marriages and relationships, and professional background including prizes and awards. What was the reaction to Looking for Mr. Goodbar when it was first published? Was the author making a social statement? Have each group share their information with the class. Each group prepares its information to present to the class for discussion. Each group should make a handout for their classmates from the information they compile.

2) Class discussion: Introduce the book that the class will study. Looking for Mr. Goodbar is the story of a bar-hopping female teacher during the brink of the feminist...

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