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Watch the movie

Watch the film version of Looking for Mr. Goodbar starring Diane Keeton as Theresa.

Write Theresa's obituary

What did Theresa's obituary say about her? Use an obituary from a newspaper as a model and write one for Theresa.

Write the newspaper article

Write the newspaper article telling of Theresa's murder, the capture of the murderer, his extradition to New York, etc. Use inverted pyramid style of writing and be sure not to editorialize.

Fill in the blanks

There are a few blanks in the story. Who found Theresa? What led police to Gary? Write your answers to fill in what's missing.

Facebook page

Design a Facebook page for Theresa. How many friends would she have had? What information would she have included? What kind of posts would she have made?

50 things

Have you ever received a questionnaire email asking you to answer questions about yourself...

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