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Short Answer Questions

1. To what does Jimmy say Helena looks forward?

2. What does Helena accuse Cliff of not doing?

3. Which character calls Jimmy in for tea?

4. What is the name of Jimmy's closest friend?

5. What member of his family does Jimmy talk about?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what way could Alison and Jimmy be seen as happy?

2. In what way does Jimmy and Helena's relationship seem more affectionate then Jimmy and Alison's relationship?

3. What realization does Helena come to in this section?

4. How does Cliff flirt with Alison in the opening scene?

5. What does Alison think is the problem with her marriage to Jimmy?

6. How does Jimmy fall out with Hugh?

7. How is it obvious that Helena has now moved in?

8. What do the two women talk about in the final scene.

9. What mistakes do the Colonel and Alison admit they have made?

10. In what way do the characters have fun in Act Three, Scene Three?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Using two examples from the play, argue the following statement: "John Osborne's lack of sympathy for the upper and middle classes makes Jimmy Porter into an unlikable and bitter character."

Essay Topic 2

Compare the characters of Jimmy and Allison.

1) In what ways are their morals different?

2) What is their relationship to each other?

3) Do you think they are the perfect match?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss whether you think this statement is true or false: "Jimmy Porter's university education gave him the fuel for his anger." Use two examples from the novel to support your argument.

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