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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With what does Allison fiddle?
(a) The squirrel puppet
(b) Her belt
(c) The bear puppet
(d) Jimmy 's pipe

2. Who is hurt because everything has changed?
(a) Jimmy
(b) Allison
(c) Cliff
(d) The Colonel

3. Who does the Colonel say would not understand Jimmy?
(a) Mrs Tanner
(b) His wife
(c) Hugh
(d) Nigel

4. What do Jimmy and Cliff do after the vaudeville routine?
(a) Judo
(b) Wrestle
(c) Kick box
(d) Box

5. Who is the last person to know about Allison's pregnancy?
(a) Jimmy
(b) Helena
(c) Cliff
(d) Allison

6. How does Helena respond to Jimmy's anger?
(a) She slaps him.
(b) She kisses him.
(c) She laughs.
(d) She shouts back.

7. Who are the people who can understand the concept of revenge?
(a) Young adults
(b) Children
(c) Females
(d) The elderly

8. What does Jimmy begin to play?
(a) His saxophone
(b) His flute
(c) His guitar
(d) His trumpet

9. Who is the Colonel introduced to in this scene?
(a) Hugh
(b) Cliff
(c) Webster
(d) Mrs. Tanner

10. What does the Colonel define himself and his daughter as?
(a) Humans
(b) Fence sitters
(c) Weak individuals
(d) Passive

11. What does Jimmy want to quit?
(a) Reading newspapers
(b) Smoking
(c) The sweet stall business
(d) Complaining

12. What kind of routine do Jimmy and Cliff begin in this scene?
(a) A W. C Fields routine
(b) A vaudeville routine
(c) A Buster Keaton routine
(d) A Charlie Chaplin routine

13. About what does Cliff remind Jimmy?
(a) He also once disliked Helena.
(b) He has to open the stall.
(c) He used to want more from life.
(d) He has something in the oven.

14. What does the Colonel say Jimmy has done despite everything?
(a) Made Alison think
(b) Taught Alison a great deal
(c) Given her a child
(d) Given him hope

15. What does the Colonel say Jimmy needs?
(a) The army
(b) A strong women
(c) An enemy
(d) Love

Short Answer Questions

1. About what does the Colonel say Jimmy has taught Allison?

2. What do Jimmy and Cliff discuss?

3. Who does the Colonel say he understands?

4. What happens as they kiss?

5. What is Allison wearing?

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