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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Jimmy and Cliff discuss?
(a) The church bells
(b) The newspapers
(c) Their business
(d) Alliosn

2. What does the Colonel say both he and Alison are unwilling to do?
(a) Fall in love
(b) Live life
(c) Make decisions
(d) Rebel

3. What is Alison's father's rank in the army?
(a) General
(b) Major
(c) Sergeant
(d) Colonel

4. Who takes Alison's suitcase to the car?
(a) The Colonel
(b) Jimmy
(c) Helena
(d) Cliff

5. What does Jimmy want to quit?
(a) Complaining
(b) The sweet stall business
(c) Reading newspapers
(d) Smoking

6. How does the audience know Helena has moved in?
(a) She is ironing.
(b) It is the first thing Jimmy says.
(c) Her possessions are on the dressing table.
(d) She sings a song about it.

7. Who is hurt because everything is the same?
(a) Cliff
(b) The Colonel
(c) Jimmy
(d) Allison

8. Who are the people who can understand the concept of revenge?
(a) Young adults
(b) Females
(c) Children
(d) The elderly

9. Why is Helena not coming back with them?
(a) She is in love with Cliff.
(b) She loves the area.
(c) She wants to see the town first.
(d) She has a script opportunity.

10. What do Jimmy and Helena want to do that night?
(a) Write a play
(b) Practise Helena's lines
(c) Play scrabble
(d) Go out

11. Who plays the butt of the joke?
(a) Cliff
(b) Allison
(c) Jimmy
(d) Helena

12. Why is it obvious something has happened to Allison's baby?
(a) She looks ill.
(b) She sings a song aout it.
(c) She is crying.
(d) Jimmy asks her.

13. What is Helena's profession?
(a) Social worker
(b) Writer
(c) Welder
(d) Actress

14. What does Helena tell Jimmy?
(a) She is in love with him.
(b) Alison is gone.
(c) He is horrible.
(d) Alison is pregnant.

15. Who is hurt because everything has changed?
(a) Allison
(b) The Colonel
(c) Jimmy
(d) Cliff

Short Answer Questions

1. With what does Allison fiddle?

2. On what does Jimmy call Cliff?

3. Who is the Colonel introduced to in this scene?

4. What kind of routine do Jimmy and Cliff begin in this scene?

5. Which two characters are left on the stage alone at the end of the scene?

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