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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Hugh and who else helped Jimmy set up his sweet stall business?
(a) Hugh's mother
(b) Webster
(c) Cliff
(d) Helena

2. What does Alison reveal to Cliff?
(a) She is pregnant.
(b) She wants to divorce Jimmy.
(c) She loves him.
(d) She is leaving.

3. Where is Helena when Alison is having problems?
(a) At work
(b) At university
(c) In hospital
(d) On tour

4. What is Jimmy reading?
(a) A magazine
(b) A novel
(c) A tin label
(d) A newspaper

5. What does Alison call her flirtations with Cliff?
(a) Nothing
(b) Innocent
(c) Exciting
(d) Flattering

6. Which of the following do the Porters have in the house?
(a) A leather armchair
(b) A gas stove
(c) A chest of drawers
(d) A television

7. What does Jimmy criticize Nigel for being?
(a) Queer
(b) Stupid
(c) Vague
(d) Unfunny

8. How much time has passed since the first scene?
(a) Two days
(b) A year
(c) Two weeks
(d) One month

9. Where are the two figurines positioned?
(a) On the wardrobe
(b) Onthe bed
(c) Ont he window sill
(d) On the chest of drawers

10. To where does Jimmy say Helena wants to take Alison back?
(a) The other side
(b) Hell
(c) Heaven
(d) The enemy

11. Over what kind of drink do the characters argue?
(a) Tea
(b) Whiskey
(c) Coffee
(d) Beer

12. Where does Helena work?
(a) The local council
(b) The supermarket
(c) The cinema
(d) The theater

13. Whose is the father of Alison's baby?
(a) Hugh
(b) Nigel
(c) Cliff
(d) Jimmy

14. What does Cliff leave to get?
(a) New socks
(b) His post
(c) Cigarettes
(d) A newspaper

15. What does Alison say seems to burn about Jimmy?
(a) His feet
(b) His lips
(c) His eyes
(d) Everything

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jimmy think is bad quality in this chapter?

2. What animal does Alison play in their game?

3. What does Cliff think will cheer them all up?

4. Who does Hugh's mother blame for Hugh's departure?

5. Whose name do Hugh and Jimmy use to crash parties?

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