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Act 1

• The play opens in a one-room apartment in the Midlands on an early April evening.

• Jimmy Porter and Cliff Lewis sit in armchairs reading newspapers while Jimmy's wife Alison does the ironing.

• Jimmy begins a tirade against the quality of the newspaper and then, when no one listens, he turns on Alison.

• Alison agrees with everything Jimmy says. Even when he derides her intelligence.

• Cliff flirts with Alison who responds in kind. Jimmy pretends not to care.

• Jimmy starts to reveal his contempt for Alison's family and Cliff suggests they all go to the movie theater.

• Alison offers to iron the wrinkles out of Cliff's pants and Cliff takes off his pants.

• Jimmy starts a tirade against world culture and has to kick Cliff to get him to listen.

• Jimmy continues his rant against family, in particular Alison's brother, Nigel. He calls Alison pusillanimous which he says...

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