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Chapter 1

• A LONG AND HAPPY LIFE is the story of Rosacoke Mustian, a young woman searching for love and a purpose for her life in rural North Carolina in the early-1960s.

• As the story begins, Rosacoke is riding on the back of Wesley Beaver's motorcycle on the way to the funeral of a childhood friend, Mildred Sutton, who has died in childbirth.

• Wesley does not accompany Rosacoke inside the church and she wonders why he can't commit to sitting through the service with her after they have dated for six years.

• Wesley roars off on his motorcycle during the funeral so Rosacoke begins the walk home and on the way stops off at Mr. Isaac's woods to soothe her feet in the spring.

• Rosacoke thinks about how she and Mildred used to play in these woods and recalls the last time she saw Mildred who was evasive...

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