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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Victor think that James does in 1973?
(a) He thinks that James talks.
(b) He thinks that James swallows some poison.
(c) He thinks that James writes a poem.
(d) He thinks that James reads a sentence out of a book.

2. What does Victor do after his parents pass out from drinking too much alcohol?
(a) He begins to cry.
(b) He lies down next to them in bed.
(c) He goes out to meet his friends.
(d) He covers them with a blanket and goes to bed.

3. What are Victor and his companion's initial thoughts on what to do with Dirty Joe at the carnival?
(a) To take him home.
(b) To leave him.
(c) To call the police.
(d) To fight with him.

4. What does Victor do when his white lover leaves him?
(a) He sits around his home and mopes.
(b) He goes to see his friends.
(c) He goes out dancing and talks to women.
(d) He goes for a long walk.

5. According to Victor, who has money on the reservation?
(a) The bar owners.
(b) The store owners.
(c) The cigarette and fireworks salespeople.
(d) Those who can sell trinkets to tourists.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Victor, what is it difficult to be on the reservation?

2. What is Victor's father in the 1960's?

3. Why is Victor's friend able to afford beer for the party at the lake?

4. What is the name of Victor's Urban Indian girlfriend?

5. Where does Victor have to travel to deal with his father's ashes after his death?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Thomas Builds-a-Fire's views on story telling?

2. How does Victor try to communicate and bond with his father?

3. What is Victor's reaction when he misses his white lover?

4. What do Victor's sisters do when they are really hungry?

5. Who are the Urban Indians?

6. What do Sadie and Victor do with Dirty Joe at the carnival?

7. Why does the clerk at the 7-11 think Victor is a criminal?

8. What is Victor's opinion about Indian names?

9. How does Victor piece his family history together?

10. How does Victor convince the carny to assist Sadie and him with their incident with Dirty Joe at the Carnival?

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