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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Victor consider censorship in the third grade?
(a) When his drawing is confiscated.
(b) When he is asked to return to his desk and be quiet after talking about life on the reservation.
(c) When his comic book is taken away.
(d) When a story he writes about his family life is taken away.

2. Where does John-John sit waiting for Joseph to come home?
(a) In the yard.
(b) On the front porch.
(c) On the roof.
(d) By the window.

3. What does Victor use to explain different events in his life?
(a) By the cars his family own.
(b) The grades he is in during school.
(c) The television.
(d) The periods after each sibling is born.

4. Why do Victor and his girlfriend once fight in the dark?
(a) Because they pay more attention to what they are saying.
(b) Because it is more romantic.
(c) Because she does not pay her electric bill.
(d) Because Victor breaks all of the lamps.

5. Where do Junior and the blond girl run into each other during Christmas break?
(a) At a bus station.
(b) While checking his mailbox.
(c) At a bar.
(d) At a diner.

6. Where is the location for Victor's imagination?
(a) The 7-11.
(b) A gas station.
(c) His back porch.
(d) A bar.

7. What do Victor's sisters do when they are very hungry while growing up?
(a) They scrape food from the table with their teeth.
(b) They beg for food.
(c) They dig through dumptsters.
(d) They make mud pies in the yard.

8. What does Victor imagine happens to Christopher Columbus?
(a) His ship gets lost at sea.
(b) He actually makes it to India instead of the United States.
(c) A tribe of Indians drown him.
(d) His ship is captured by pirates and he never returns.

9. What does Victor recount about one time Victor's father is drunk while growing up?
(a) He walks into a closet thinking it is a bathroom.
(b) He starts a fight with a neighbor.
(c) He stumbles down the stairs.
(d) He wanders off into the night.

10. How do sober Indians treat drunken Indians?
(a) With humor.
(b) With sympathy.
(c) With disdain.
(d) With infinite patience.

11. Where does Victor find a new job?
(a) Grand Culee.
(b) Wenatchee.
(c) Walla Walla.
(d) Spokane.

12. Why do Victor's sisters put food coloring in the potatoes while growing up?
(a) To imagine they are eating different foods.
(b) Because they could not afford Play-doh.
(c) Because they think the meal looks too bland.
(d) Because they think it looks pretty.

13. What is John-John's explanation for having two names?
(a) Because it is easier to remember.
(b) He is named after his Uncle John and his Grandfather John.
(c) It is a mistake made on his birth certificare.
(d) His parents like the rhythmic sound.

14. What does Victor's father not know about the man who disappears?
(a) Where he lives.
(b) Where he is last seen.
(c) Who his next of kin are.
(d) Who shoots him.

15. What does Victor's father describe while starting a car in the winter?
(a) The first car his family owns.
(b) Not owning a pair of snow boots while growing up.
(c) The cruel treatment he experiences in school while growing up.
(d) The first television show he sees.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Victor's father not surprised an acquaintance disappears when he is questioned by the Witness Protection Program?

2. What is the nature of the gift that the person whom Uncle Moses befriends?

3. Why is one of Victor's girlfriends afraid of him?

4. What is Samuel-builds-a-fire's reaction to the news he receives at work?

5. What does Victor compare diabetes to?

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