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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the location for Victor's imagination?
(a) A bar.
(b) The 7-11.
(c) His back porch.
(d) A gas station.

2. What is the nature of the gift that the person whom Uncle Moses befriends?
(a) Overlooked.
(b) Rare.
(c) Improbable.
(d) Not marketable.

3. What do Victor's siblings commonly do with a car while growing up?
(a) Go joy riding.
(b) They throw rocks at the cars.
(c) Sniff gas from the exhaust pipe.
(d) They siphon gas and sell it.

4. What news does Samuel-builds-a-fire receive at work?
(a) He is doing a different job.
(b) He is being let go from his job.
(c) A co-worker passes away.
(d) His boss is arrested.

5. What does Victor use to explain different events in his life?
(a) The grades he is in during school.
(b) The periods after each sibling is born.
(c) By the cars his family own.
(d) The television.

6. How does Victor's family watch television?
(a) In the dining room so they do not dwell on not having enough food.
(b) In black and white.
(c) With the sound down so they can talk about what they are watching.
(d) So loud that it distorts their conversations.

7. Where does Victor find a new job?
(a) Walla Walla.
(b) Spokane.
(c) Wenatchee.
(d) Grand Culee.

8. What does Victor's teacher want him to do in the second grade?
(a) To perform math problems on the board in front of the class and testify before the state court about how his parents are mistreating him.
(b) To write with his right hand and wear cleaner clothing.
(c) To do his homework at school because she does not think he is doing his own work.
(d) To apologize for everything and cut off his braids.

9. Why is Jimmy One-Horse's wife upset at him?
(a) Jimmy has cancer and makes jokes about it.
(b) Jimmy has an affair with another woman.
(c) Jimmy is verbally abusive to her.
(d) He keeps leaving the toilet seat up.

10. How does Victor's father kill a man?
(a) In a bar fight.
(b) He is in a car wreck.
(c) By accidentally starting a fire.
(d) Cleaning his rifle.

11. Where does John-John sit waiting for Joseph to come home?
(a) By the window.
(b) On the roof.
(c) On the front porch.
(d) In the yard.

12. How does Victor describe Uncle Moses?
(a) A man that is remembered by all.
(b) An embarassment to the family.
(c) He is the town drunk.
(d) A man of great virtue.

13. Where does Jimmy One-horse and his wife first meet?
(a) At the Powwow Tavern.
(b) At Cindy's fry bread stand.
(c) In high school.
(d) At a party.

14. What does the psychic child advise Victor to do?
(a) To break all of the mirrors in the house and tape them to his body.
(b) To stand on his roof and shout at people walking by.
(c) To put glue on his body and roll around in leaves.
(d) To build a tree house and live there for a month.

15. What happens to Samuel-builds-a-fire on the railroad tracks?
(a) He meets a hobo who shares his dinner.
(b) He passes out with a train headed straight toward him.
(c) His foot gets caught in the railroad ties.
(d) He gets mugged.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Junior drop out of college?

2. Why is Victor's father not surprised an acquaintance disappears when he is questioned by the Witness Protection Program?

3. What does Victor compare diabetes to?

4. How does the grass feel to Victor at the barbecue?

5. What do Victor's sisters do when they are very hungry while growing up?

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