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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Victor's father describe while starting a car in the winter?
(a) The cruel treatment he experiences in school while growing up.
(b) Not owning a pair of snow boots while growing up.
(c) The first car his family owns.
(d) The first television show he sees.

2. What happens after Nora visits the Powwow Tavern?
(a) She stops by a diner.
(b) She usually takes someone home with her.
(c) She stops by her mother's grave.
(d) She passes out.

3. How does Junior Polatkin and the blonde girl's short relationship end?
(a) The blonde girl becomes pregnant and has the baby.
(b) The blonde girl runs off with another guy.
(c) Junior's parents forbid him to see her.
(d) They have a really big fight.

4. Why is one of Victor's girlfriends afraid of him?
(a) Because he seems mentally unstable.
(b) Because he is an Indian.
(c) Because he is always writing and she does not know what he writes.
(d) Because he is often angry.

5. Why does Junior drop out of college?
(a) He is struggling in his classes.
(b) He is homesick.
(c) Because of the stress caused by his relationship with the blonde girl.
(d) Because of his history teacher's treatment.

6. Where is the location for Victor's imagination?
(a) The 7-11.
(b) His back porch.
(c) A gas station.
(d) A bar.

7. Why does the police officer give the money back to Jimmy One-horse and his wife?
(a) They threaten to talk to the police chief.
(b) Because they say they write letters to his department that say the officer is polite and obeys the law.
(c) They say they write a letter to the editor of the local paper and warn other Indians to be wary of crooked police officers.
(d) Because the couple is so nice and Jimmy One-horse's wife starts to cry.

8. What news does Samuel-builds-a-fire receive at work?
(a) A co-worker passes away.
(b) He is being let go from his job.
(c) His boss is arrested.
(d) He is doing a different job.

9. What is the nature of the gift that the person whom Uncle Moses befriends?
(a) Rare.
(b) Not marketable.
(c) Overlooked.
(d) Improbable.

10. What about the Indian people does Victor discuss in Chapter 15?
(a) Their lack of hope.
(b) Their virtues.
(c) Their bad luck.
(d) Their dreams.

11. What do Victor's sisters do when they are very hungry while growing up?
(a) They scrape food from the table with their teeth.
(b) They make mud pies in the yard.
(c) They dig through dumptsters.
(d) They beg for food.

12. What does Jimmy One-horse's wife think about the man with whom she has an affair?
(a) He is too flirtatious.
(b) He is too self-absorbed.
(c) He drinks too much.
(d) He is too serious.

13. Where do Junior and the blond girl run into each other during Christmas break?
(a) At a diner.
(b) At a bar.
(c) At a bus station.
(d) While checking his mailbox.

14. What creates beauty?
(a) A smile on a child's face.
(b) Fallen flower petals.
(c) A cracked piece of glass.
(d) A napkin blowing across the ground.

15. Why does Victor's mother not like the stories he writes?
(a) Because he is too revealing about family matters.
(b) Because they use so much profanity.
(c) Because they are so negative.
(d) Because she thinks he is wasting too much time writing them.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Jimmy One-horse's wife return after leaving him?

2. How does Victor's father kill a man?

3. What is Samuel-builds-a-fire's talent?

4. What is Samuel-builds-a-fire's reaction to the news he receives at work?

5. Why is Victor's father not surprised an acquaintance disappears when he is questioned by the Witness Protection Program?

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