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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Victor's teacher want him to do in the second grade?
(a) To write with his right hand and wear cleaner clothing.
(b) To do his homework at school because she does not think he is doing his own work.
(c) To apologize for everything and cut off his braids.
(d) To perform math problems on the board in front of the class and testify before the state court about how his parents are mistreating him.

2. What is Dirty Joe's condition at the carnival?
(a) He is asleep.
(b) He is belligerent.
(c) He is drunk.
(d) He is delusional.

3. Why is one of Victor's girlfriends afraid of him?
(a) Because he seems mentally unstable.
(b) Because he is often angry.
(c) Because he is an Indian.
(d) Because he is always writing and she does not know what he writes.

4. When does Victor have his first experiences with drugs?
(a) In the seventh and eighth grades.
(b) In the fourth and fifth grades.
(c) In the fifth and sixth grades.
(d) In the sixth and seventh grades.

5. What does Victor think about Indian names?
(a) Their names are fraught with a bad reputation.
(b) Their names have much honor.
(c) Their names make them hard to assimilate.
(d) Their names honor their heritage.

Short Answer Questions

1. What about the Indian people does Victor discuss in Chapter 15?

2. How does Victor's family watch television?

3. What does Victor's father describe while starting a car in the winter?

4. What is Victor's father's view on war?

5. Why is Victor punishing Dirty Joe at the carnival?

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