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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Victor falls back on drinking the day his white lover returns, but what does he attempt to do that day?
(a) To help a friend move.
(b) To go on the wagon.
(c) To be productive.
(d) To start a job search.

2. According to Victor, who has money on the reservation?
(a) The bar owners.
(b) Those who can sell trinkets to tourists.
(c) The store owners.
(d) The cigarette and fireworks salespeople.

3. How do Victor and his teammates pass the time at the state basketball finals?
(a) They look at first-aid manuals.
(b) They practice their drills.
(c) They talk about girls.
(d) They do cheers and chants.

4. How old is Victor when he is introduced to the reader?
(a) Sixteen-years old.
(b) Thirty-years old.
(c) Nine-years old.
(d) Twenty-two-years old.

5. Why is Victor punishing Dirty Joe at the carnival?
(a) For promoting negative stereotypes of Indian people.
(b) For threatening people.
(c) For being offensive to his mother.
(d) For his drunkeness.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Victor play with the BB gun when he and Adrian are together?

2. What does Victor decide to do after the state final basketball game?

3. What does Victor think about Indian names?

4. According to Victor, what do you have to do to avoid past and future skeletons?

5. What do onlookers do when they see Dirty Joe at the carnival?

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