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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Victor conclude about the waitress at her home?
(a) Victor thinks she is too shallow.
(b) Victor thinks she is too above him.
(c) Victor does not think she is a real Indian.
(d) Victor thinks she is his soul mate.

2. What about the Indian people does Victor discuss in Chapter 15?
(a) Their bad luck.
(b) Their virtues.
(c) Their dreams.
(d) Their lack of hope.

3. What does Victor consider censorship in the third grade?
(a) When his comic book is taken away.
(b) When he is asked to return to his desk and be quiet after talking about life on the reservation.
(c) When a story he writes about his family life is taken away.
(d) When his drawing is confiscated.

4. What is Victor's advice regarding past and future skeletons in your life?
(a) You keep yourself in the middle of the past and future skeletons.
(b) To forget about them.
(c) To avoid creating future skeletons.
(d) To live a clean life.

5. Why do Victor's parents divorce?
(a) They are constantly arguing.
(b) Victor's father becomes abusive.
(c) They cannot agree on how to squeeze the tube of toothpaste.
(d) Because Victor's father wants to listen to Jimi Hendrix instead of being with his wife.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Victor's friend able to afford beer for the party at the lake?

2. Why is Victor's father against fighting for the United States in the Vietnam War?

3. What does Victor do when the waitress flirts with him?

4. Where does Victor see the flirtatious waitress a second time?

5. What is held up at the barbecue?

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