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Shepherd's Bush

• May is an underpaid hotel manager in Dublin, Ireland, who finds herself pregnant by her bossy, Andy.

• May flies to London for a secret abortion and stays with a judgmental acquaintance named Celia.

• May's roommate at the London clinic, Helen, is a return patient who calms May's nerves and insists that May tell Andy the truth.

• May returns to Dublin working on her alibi and knowing that she will not mention the abortion.

Holland Park

• An unnamed narrator asks a sophisticated couple--Malcolm and Melissa--if she may bring her friend, Alice, to their party.

• Malcolm and Melissa's party is a reunion of people who had vacationed in Greece.

• At the party, the narrator is shocked to learn that the hosts believe she and Alice are lesbians and are very gracious in their acceptance of them.
• The narrator worries about whether she and Alice will be able to...

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