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By far the most important place in the book is this city.

The River Thames

This river ran through the heart of London.

Covent Garden

The open-air market here was a place teeming with life, filled with colorful fruits, vegetables and flowers.


Some of the most notorious low lodging houses and brothels were in this district.


This was the unlikely name of the only homeless shelter in London during Mayhew's time.

The Low Lodging House

This was the most humble of boarding houses, a converted private home.

The Rented Room

Most costermongers and entertainers lived in this.

The English Countryside

In the summer, many costermongers, entertainers and others would take to the roads. They tramped across this, selling their products in every tiny village and wealthy house.


Many of London's poorest residents were recent immigrants from here.

Penny Gaff

This was a rude burlesque...

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