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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Weasel use to blow up the bridge?

2. What is an MP-5?

3. How is the Weasel treated while he is restrained inside his house?

4. What name does the mastermind of this plan call the men carrying out his plan?

5. Who does Alex find at home with Nana Mama when he goes home the night covered in chapters 33-39?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is the young woman who brings the Weasel home killed? What does this foreshadow for the remainder of the novel?

2. Why is Dougie Puslowski killed during the evacuation of Sunrise Valley, Nevada?

3. Who are the men who caused a disruption in the inner courtyard of the Hoover Building, allowing for the assassination attempt undertaken by Nikki Williams?

4. What question about the bombing in Sunrise Valley plagues Alex Cross the most?

5. Where does Alex Cross learn the Weasel has been spotted in chapter 46?

6. Who is the Weasel?

7. What does the Wolf warn the law enforcement officials not to do?

8. What do the pictures retrieved by police over the hills of Sunrise Valley reveal about the crime scene?

9. Who does Frances Puslowski see coming toward her trailer park as she hangs out the laundry?

10. Who does the Wolf turn to for financial support of his terrorist plans?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Alex Jr. Who is Alex Jr.? How old is he? What impact has his birth had on Alex Cross?

Why does Alex Jr. not live with his father? What type of custody fight are Alex and Alex Jr.'s mother having? What impact does this custody battle have on Alex Cross? Why would Alex Jr.'s mother want to protect her child from his father? What has Alex Cross done to place his children in danger? Should Alex Cross get custody of his son?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the following settings of the novel in a detailed essay, using examples from the novel:

1) Washington, D.C.

2) Paris

3) London

Essay Topic 3

Who is Alex Cross? How many novels by James Patterson has Cross appeared in? Why? What is Alex's educational background? Professional background? Why does Alex chose to work as a cop rather than a doctor? Who was Alex's partner when he worked with the Washington, D.C. police force? How did they know each other? What kind of father is Alex? What kind of grandson? What does it say about Alex in that he lives with his grandmother? Why is Alex in a custody battle with the mother of his youngest child? How is that connected to this case? What happened to Alex's first wife? Is Alex optimistic of ever learning the truth about that situation? Explain.

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