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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does the man who impersonated the Wolf during Alex's kidnapping claims is responsible for the bombings?
(a) Muslims in general.
(b) al Jihad.
(c) The United States government.
(d) al Qaeda.

2. Where does the Wolf lead Alex in a foot race?
(a) A busy mall.
(b) A busy park.
(c) A department store.
(d) A parade route.

3. What happens ten minutes after the Wolf's deadline for the ransom payment?
(a) A bomb rocks New York.
(b) Bombs rock Paris, London, and New York simultaneously.
(c) A bomb rocks Paris.
(d) A bomb rocks London.

4. What vehicle pulls up beside Alex and his partner on the streets of Paris, forcing them to get inside?
(a) A white limo.
(b) A grey Lotus.
(c) A black hearse.
(d) A blue Hummer.

5. Which agent has flown to Paris in chapter 83 to give an update on the case, surprising Alex?
(a) Sandra Greenburg.
(b) Ron Burns.
(c) Monnie Donnelly.
(d) Martin Lodge.

6. What is the occupation of the man who impersonated the Wolf during Alex's kidnapping?
(a) College professor.
(b) Arms dealer.
(c) Terrorist.
(d) French teacher.

7. Why does Alex go to speak with Joe Cahill?
(a) He is a retired CIA agent who handled the Wolf.
(b) He is known to have inside information on all CIA cases.
(c) He is suspected to be the Wolf.
(d) His is known to have personal knowledge of Weir's private affairs.

8. How much money does Alex discover is in the bank Corky Hancock did business with?
(a) Over 60,000.
(b) Over 5,000.
(c) Over 4,000,000.
(d) Over 6,000,000.

9. What medical procedure is the Wolf having done in New York?
(a) A transfusion.
(b) An appendectomy.
(c) Extensive plastic surgery.
(d) A tonsilectomy.

10. Who confronts Alex on the sidewalk outside his hotel when he goes in search of his caller?
(a) The Wolf.
(b) The Badger.
(c) The Weasel.
(d) The Fox.

11. How does the Wolf escape Alex as he leaves the doctor's office?
(a) He runs into a crowd.
(b) He shoots Alex's partner.
(c) Bodyguards who box them in.
(d) Cops who delay Alex and his partner.

12. What are Martin Lodge's final words to Alex?
(a) Protect my wife.
(b) This was my piece of the puzzle.
(c) Take care of my children.
(d) I'm sorry.

13. What is La Crim?
(a) A painting in the Louvre.
(b) A crime novel in French.
(c) A political group.
(d) An old police station.

14. Who is Martin Lodge?
(a) A CIA agent.
(b) An FBI agent.
(c) An agent with Interpol.
(d) Detective Superintendent with Scotland Yard.

15. How do agents find Corky Hancock when they enter his house?
(a) Asleep on the couch.
(b) Dead in his bed.
(c) Unconscious from a drug overdose.
(d) In bed with an Asian woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Alex take his children, Jannie and Damon, when he returns to America?

2. What public structure does the Wolf appear to favor in his destructive behavior?

3. Near what historic site do bombs detonate in Paris?

4. What vehicle nearly knocks Alex down on his walk to the Prefecture de Police in chapter 77?

5. What information does Alex learn about Martin Lodge's wife that he was not aware of before?

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