London Bridges Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Who is the Weasel?

The Weasel is a psychopathic killer who likes to torture and murder women.

2. Who does the Weasel take home with him on the night in which the novel opens?

The Weasel brings home a young woman named Maria. Unknown to the Weasel, this woman has been hired to lure him home in a false sense of safety.

3. Why is the young woman who brings the Weasel home killed? What does this foreshadow for the remainder of the novel?

The young woman, Maria, who brings the Weasel home is killed to keep her from telling the police anything about the man who hired her. This killing suggests that the man who hired her is ruthless and will do whatever is necessary to protect himself from prosecution.

4. Who tortures the Weasel? For what purpose?

The Weasel is tortured in order to show him the power the Wolf has over him. The Wolf hopes this will cause in the Weasel a fear that will encourage him to help the Wolf with a plan to ransom the governments of Germany, England, and the United States.

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