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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5: Chapters 114, 115, 116, 117, 118 and 119.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What vehicle pulls up beside Alex and his partner on the streets of Paris, forcing them to get inside?
(a) A black hearse.
(b) A blue Hummer.
(c) A white limo.
(d) A grey Lotus.

2. What happened to the girl who accompanied the Weasel home?
(a) She is beaten.
(b) She is restrained as well.
(c) She is shot.
(d) She is paid and leaves.

3. What items do the local police give investigators when their chief finally arrives?
(a) Photos of the man resposible for the crime.
(b) Photos of the victims.
(c) Photos of a man taking photos of the bombing.
(d) Photos of the town before the attack.

4. Who tells the Weasel he has found him and can find him again?
(a) The Beaver.
(b) Alex Cross.
(c) The Fox.
(d) The Wolf.

5. Why does Frances go into the house in chapters 3-5, leaving Dougie outside?
(a) To change her clothes.
(b) To get the kids.
(c) To get the meat for the barbecue.
(d) To get more beer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What order does the Wolf give to the Weasel while he makes a visit to relatives in London?

2. What holiday weekend takes place as the Wolf's four day deadline passes?

3. Who does Alex find at home with Nana Mama when he goes home the night covered in chapters 33-39?

4. Who does the man who impersonated the Wolf during Alex's kidnapping claims is responsible for the bombings?

5. Who is watching this apartment where a suspect is spotted?

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