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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Chapters 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51 and 52.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who lives in San Francisco, California?
(a) Christine Johnson and Alex Cross Jr.
(b) Jannie and Damon.
(c) Nana Mama.
(d) Jamilla Hughes.

2. What does the Wolf do to Fedya Abramtsov when he and his wife return home?
(a) Shares his plan with him.
(b) Tortures him.
(c) Kills him.
(d) Embraces him as a brother.

3. What does Alex think the Federal government is obsessed with?
(a) Power.
(b) Process.
(c) Politics.
(d) Regulation.

4. Who is the director of the FBI?
(a) Geoffrey Safer.
(b) Thomas Weir.
(c) Ron Burns.
(d) John Sampson.

5. Who do the two men tell Alex hired them to cause a diversion at the Hoover Building?
(a) A man with a limp.
(b) A man with an English accent.
(c) A man in a wheelchair.
(d) A man with a beard.

Short Answer Questions

1. What weapon is in a plane flying over Frances and Dougie's hometown?

2. Who approaches Alex Cross with a message when he returns to the suspected al Qaeda apartment in New York City?

3. Who does Alex Cross recognize in the photos?

4. What aircraft passes over the Hoover Building during the commotion of the alarm?

5. Why is Alex unhappy with the prescribed protocol in dealing with the Wolf and any possible attacks?

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