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Salvador, Brazil

Salvador is Brazil's third largest city. It is said of its people that when they aren't partying they're rehearsing for the next one. The Weasel is found here by the Wolf and forced to work with him.

Sunrise Valley, Nevada

This tiny 300-inhabitant town in the desert is chosen by the Wolf to be blown off the face of the earth. All the terrified residents except one, who disobeys and is shot, are evacuated by what they think are US soldiers. They are taken 30 miles away and left there to hear their town explode.


This is a dark Brazilian monkey. Just before he's kidnapped and tortured by the Wolf, the Weasel chases one that is trying to enter his villa in Salvador.


One of many agencies involved in the investigation of the Wolf's bombings.


An acronym for Hostage Rescue Team.


A military...

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