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Essay Topic 1

Who is the Weasel? Why is he called Weasel? What is his background? What crimes has he committed in a previous novel? Why does Alex Cross know who he is? Why does Cross want him found?

What crime did the Weasel commit that caused Alex Cross direct harm? What does Alex Cross want to do about that? Who finds the Weasel in the first section of this novel? For what person? What is the Weasel forced to do? For what reason? What happens when the Weasel and Alex Cross meet again? Is this justice?

Essay Topic 2

Who is the Wolf? Why does the Wolf want to hold the governments of the United States, France, and Germany to a ransom? What is the purpose of this ransom? How does the Wolf prove he is serious? Why does the Wolf not kill the people of Sunrise Valley? What...

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