London Bridges Character Descriptions

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Alex Cross

This character was raised by his grandmother and now has three children. This character is both a psychologist and a cop.

Geoffrey Shafer

This character is a criminal known to kill poor prostitutes.

The Wolf

This character is a former KGB agent who uses bombs to hold the governments of several countries ransom in an attempt to receive compensation for the deaths of his family.

Jamilla Hughes

This character is a San Francisco homicide detective.

Regina Cross Hope/Nana Mama

This character is a former educator who now helps raise two grandchildren.

Christine Johnson

This character is a teacher living in Seattle.

Alex Jr.

This character is the three-year-old child caught in the middle of a child custody battle.

Janelle Jannie Cross

This character looks to Venus and Serena Williams as role models.

Damon Cross

This character's mother was killed in a drive by shooting that...

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