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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapters 3-10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the college clergyman that also teaches Bible at Beardsley School in Part 2, Chapter 8?
(a) Shirley Holmes.
(b) Vanessa van Ness.
(c) Clare Quilty.
(d) Linda Hall

2. Charlotte Haze says of her daughter in Part 1, Chapter 15 that she sees her as “a sturdy, healthy, but decidedly homely kid,” whereas Lolita sees herself as what?
(a) A starlet.
(b) A nymphet.
(c) A rebel.
(d) A visionary.

3. What hotel does Charlotte suggests to H.H. that they go to in Part 1, Chapter 21?
(a) The Ahwahnee.
(b) Crater Lake Lodge.
(c) The Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac.
(d) Enchanted Hunters.

4. Who is described by the narrator in Part 1, Chapter 18 as “a rosy honey in a Girl Scout uniform, beret of green worsted, belt of green webbing, charming shoulder-long curls”?
(a) Rosaline Honeck.
(b) Linda Hall.
(c) Vanessa van Ness.
(d) Mary Rose Hamilton.

5. Which of Lolita’s school friends is described in Part 2, Chapter 9 as “handsome in a coarse sensual way and only a year older than my aging mistress”?
(a) Linda Hall.
(b) Mona Dahl.
(c) Eva Rosen.
(d) Shirley Holmes.

Short Answer Questions

1. H.H. tells Lolita that her mother is in a hospital near what town in Part 1, Chapter 27?

2. Charlotte Haze is described by the narrator in Part 1, Chapter 10 as having “quite simple but not unattractive features of a type that may be defined as a weak solution of” whom?

3. In describing his feelings for Lolita in Part 1, Chapter 14, the narrator says, “The elation with which the vision of new delights filled me was not horrible but” what?

4. What is the address of the house that H.H. rents for himself and Lolita in the beginning of Part 2, Chapter 4?

5. How old was Lolita’s younger brother when he died?

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