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Beardsley School for Girls

This expensive private facility is administered by Miss Pratt and emphasizes the "four D's: Dramatics, Dance, Debating and Dating."

Camp Q

Run by Shirley Holmes, this is the summer experience set in a "striped and speckled forest" that widow Charlotte Haze hopes will teach her twelve-year-old daughter responsibility.

Champion Hotel

This Colorado resort has tennis courts where H.H. realizes that his early training has left Lolita with no ambition to win.


This industrial community, eight hundred miles from New York City, is where Lolita settles after marriage in 1952.


This is a town in the Rocky Mountains where Lolita is hospitalized with a virus that also fells H.H.

Enchanted Hunters

Located in the secluded, faux-colonial town of Briceland, this is an inn that Charlotte recalls visiting with her late first husband. Later, H.H. takes Lolita here.

Hotel Mirana

This is...

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