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Lesson 1 (from Part 1, Chapters 1-6)


Lolita is the story of a European scholar obsessed with "nymphets" and his travels around America with his beloved teenage stepdaughter. Largely banned after its 1955 publication, many critics condemned the novel as pornographic trash, citing its "obscene" descriptions of a pedophile's sexual activities. Others applauded the work's originality and sparkling wit. In this lesson, students will read the novel’s Foreword, research author Vladimir Nabokov, and will analyze and discuss the publication, banning, controversies, and genre of Lolita.


Class Activity: Introduce the class to the novel and author. Lolita, first published in 1955, is Vladimir Nabokov’s controversial novel about one man’s obsession with his twelve-year-old stepdaughter. As a class, read the Foreword to the novel by Dr. John Ray, Jr. and the book’s publication history. Discuss with students the meaning of this Foreword and its style and contents.

Research Activity: Conduct research on...

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