Lolita Character Descriptions

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Delores Haze

This central character in the novel is called “Lolita” by the narrator. She is twelve years old when she becomes sexually involved with her middle-aged stepfather. She is married, pregnant, impoverished, and worn out at age seventeen at the novel's end.

Humbert Humbert

This central character is the novel’s middle-aged narrator, in prison and awaiting trial for murdering the abductor of his minor stepdaughter. He has become enamored of "nymphets" after his childhood lover died before they could consummate. In the course of the novel he engages in a lengthy affair with his twelve-year-old stepdaughter.

Charlotte Haze

This character is the narrator’s second wife, whom he marries in Ramsdale. She is a widow in her thirties living with her twelve-year-old daughter and offering a room for rent when she is introduced in the story. She is killed while crossing the street after discovering her...

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