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Part 1, Chapters 1-6

• Humbert Humbert (H.H.) is born in 1910 in Paris; his father owns a luxury hotel and his mother dies when he is three.

• H.H.’s maternal aunt, Sybil, raises him to be spoiled, make excellent marks, and have many friends.

• In 1923, H.H. goes to a lycée in Lyon, falls in love with Annabel Leigh and they experiment sexually but never find the privacy to have full intercourse.

• Annabel Leigh dies four months after their last attempt at sexual involvement; H.H. never gets over Annabel's death and he thinks that that may be the cause of his involvement with Lolita.

• H.H.'s youth flies by as he uses prostitutes for sex, consorts with the intelligentsia of his day, writes a book and teaches.

• H.H. becomes fascinated with young girls, whom he calls “nymphets,” saying that any pedophile can pick out...

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