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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Sir Quentin get Fleur to return to his flat?

2. What does Edwina say to Fleur when she goes to see her after learning Sir Quentin is out?

3. Leslie's novel was published around the same time as Warrender Chase, and received feeble reviews. How is Warrender Chase received?

4. What news does Fleur receive from Lady Edwina's nurse that evening, after she's learned that her novel won't be published?

5. Dottie finally realizes Fleur has stolen back the manuscript from her flat, and calls Fleur demanding to know how she got in. What does Fleur tell her?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Fleur's internal reaction to the tragic news in Chapter 8?

2. As Fleur goes to bed the night after the meeting with the publisher, about what can she not stop thinking ?

3. When Fleur runs into Mrs. Wilks in Chapter 7, what does Fleur observe about her?

4. How does Fleur happen upon the title of the book she is now narrating?

5. In Chapter 9, yet another character points out a correlation between Warrender Chase and reality. Who is it, and what is pointed out?

6. Fleur mentions a parallel to another novel, not of her writing, at this point. What novel and what parallel?

7. How does Sir Quentin lure Fleur to his office after she retypes her manuscript and gives the copies to Solly?

8. Chapter 11 is filled with a great deal of information, often through Fleur's narrations from the present as she remembers the events of her past. Describe two concepts on which she sheds light at this point in the book.

9. Fleur consults her friend, Solly Mendelsohn, when she realizes that the publisher now has the only copy of her manuscript. Why?

10. After Fleur retrieves her manuscript and goes home, she is visited by Dottie. What happens during this visit?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Sometimes a character who appears briefly in a novel, or who doesn't actually appear at all, still impacts the story significantly. Does this novel contain characters like this? Discuss how minor characters in Loitering with Intent move the story forward or affect the development of the major characters.

Essay Topic 2

Fleur states that she is suspicious of anyone claiming a moral imperative as a justification for his actions. What is about such a justification that might make one's true motives seem suspect? Compare how this concept is used in the novel to another example, from recent history or literature, in which a moral obligation is ultimately exposed as false justification.

Essay Topic 3

The drug Dexedrine is used by Sir Quentin to control his group of "followers."

What do the members gain, or perceive to gain, from following Sir Quentin? Could he have gained their confidence without the drugs? What did Sir Quentin's Association members have in common that made them susceptible to someone like him, similar to the blind faith cult members place in their leaders?

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