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Short Answer Questions

1. Fleur has a job interview at the BBC, but does not get the job. Why, when she looks back, does she remember this fondly?

2. What does Edwina say to Fleur when she goes to see her after learning Sir Quentin is out?

3. Where does Fleur go after the reviews for Warrender Chase come out?

4. What news does Fleur receive from Lady Edwina's nurse that evening, after she's learned that her novel won't be published?

5. Fleur's job has changed from altering the manuscripts to what?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Fleur react to her own novel as she goes through it, typing up additional copies?

2. Fleur consults her friend, Solly Mendelsohn, when she realizes that the publisher now has the only copy of her manuscript. Why?

3. As Fleur goes to bed the night after the meeting with the publisher, about what can she not stop thinking ?

4. After Fleur retrieves her manuscript and goes home, she is visited by Dottie. What happens during this visit?

5. What realization does Fleur come to regarding her novel, Warrender Chase, when Sir Quentin calls her into his office in Chapter 7?

6. Describe how at least one of the maxims Fleur remembers from childhood helps direct her actions as attempts to get her manuscript back.

7. Even though Fleur and Dottie have quite a tumultuous relationship, after Sir Quentin's death, she keeps Fleur well-informed about the other members of the Autobiographical Association. Describe what happens to any two members.

8. Fleur mentions a parallel to another novel, not of her writing, at this point. What novel and what parallel?

9. Before Fleur leaves the flat, Lady Edwina gives her something in secret. When she reads it later, what does she find?

10. What is Fleur's reaction when Dottie calls her to tell her of Sir Quentin's death?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Sometimes a character who appears briefly in a novel, or who doesn't actually appear at all, still impacts the story significantly. Does this novel contain characters like this? Discuss how minor characters in Loitering with Intent move the story forward or affect the development of the major characters.

Essay Topic 2

Fleur creates a character type she calls the "English Rose." Discuss how her character types are like stereotypes, and perhaps more importantly, how they are different. How might these character types be helpful to writers, or how they might hinder the telling of a story?

Essay Topic 3

What would you have done if you'd found yourself in Fleur's position at the Autobiographical Association? Would you have stayed on? Why or why not? Discuss the ethical implications of your decision.

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