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Short Answer Questions

1. What is that Fleur realizes Sir Quentin has been giving the Association members?

2. Fleur takes a weekend visit with Wally in his cottage, but is ultimately disappointed. He seems distracted by Warrender Chase, so she begins telling him about her next novel, in the hopes of driving it out. Why, then, is she disappointed?

3. What does Sir Quentin inquire about Fleur's future?

4. How does Lady Edwina react upon receiving the tragic news of the suicide of one of the Association's members?

5. Who does Fleur phone to come help her and Lady Edwina search for the manuscript?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why doesn't Fleur tell Edwina that she believes Sir Quentin is behind the theft of her manuscript?

2. Before Fleur leaves the flat, Lady Edwina gives her something in secret. When she reads it later, what does she find?

3. Before Fleur works out a plan to retrieve her manuscript, fate intervenes and presents her with a way to do so. What happens?

4. Fleur desperately wants to do what when she gets home with her manuscript? What does she do instead?

5. When Fleur runs into Mrs. Wilks in Chapter 7, what does Fleur observe about her?

6. What realization does Fleur come to regarding her novel, Warrender Chase, when Sir Quentin calls her into his office in Chapter 7?

7. After Fleur retrieves her manuscript and goes home, she is visited by Dottie. What happens during this visit?

8. How does Fleur react to her own novel as she goes through it, typing up additional copies?

9. Fleur mentions a parallel to another novel, not of her writing, at this point. What novel and what parallel?

10. What is the traumatic news Fleur receives near the end of Chapter 8?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Fleur describes how the attitudes of both Beryl Tims and the Baronne Clotilde du Loiret have been affected by their histories. Discuss how one of these characters might view the role of women in current society. Examine their emotional responses in particular.

Essay Topic 2

Fleur and Edwina develop a strong, albeit unlikely friendship. Compare and contrast these two women. Discuss their friendship and how they influence each other.

Essay Topic 3

Women writers often question traditional female roles, and Mariel Spark is no exception. One in particular is the role of remaining subordinate to men while simultaneously taking care of them. How, in Loitering with Intent, does Spark question and discuss this female role?

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