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Short Answer Questions

1. Fleur realizes in the first chapter that one of her senses has a more keen memory than the others. Which one is it?

2. Who comes to visit after Fleur arrives home that first evening?

3. How does Dottie describe Fleur's character, Marjorie?

4. How is Fleur able to control her panic as she sees more evidence that Sir Quentin is acting out a devious plan on the members?

5. How had her main character, Warrender Chase, distinguished himself before the events of the novel begin?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Wally suggest Fleur should do about her job, and how does she respond?

2. Explain Fleur's confusion, early on, about her novel, Warrender Chase and how it related to the events with the Association.

3. Fleur describes both Beryl Tims and Dottie, the wife of Fleur's lover, as "English Roses." What does she mean by this?

4. Fleur calls in sick to work after the party. What happens when she does that shows how Fleur's attitude has changed toward her job?

5. Fleur keeps all of the letters she receives, and describes one in particular. Talk about that one.

6. How does Fleur handle the motivation behind the evil doings of the title character in Warrender Chase?

7. What are Fleur's feelings about Lady Edwina after her first month on the job?

8. How does Fleur react to the beginning manuscripts of the memoirs when she first begins her work?

9. What does Fleur find unusual about Dottie when she visits Fleur after returning from Ireland?

10. How does Fleur react upon learning that Beryl Tims loves Sir Quentin?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe Fleur Talbot as "character type," as she does with Beryl Tims and Dottie, the "English Roses." What would her character type be named? Who else might fit into this character type - another literary character, someone in a movie, someone from your life? Why? How does that person compare to Fleur?

Essay Topic 2

Fleur and Edwina develop a strong, albeit unlikely friendship. Compare and contrast these two women. Discuss their friendship and how they influence each other.

Essay Topic 3

Fleur Talbot, as an author, seems to spend her life observing, categorizing and accumulating ideas for her writing. Discuss how this impacts her life. Does it get in her way? Do you think most authors work this way?

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