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Short Answer Questions

1. Who had visited Fleur's room while she was out dancing?

2. How does Fleur get rid of Maisie when she can tolerate her vapid conversation no longer?

3. How does Maisie Young react to Fleur's room when she first visits?

4. What explanation does Fleur give for keeping all the letters she receives, including those from a book store to which she owed money?

5. How far back in time must Fleur go to tell us the story of the Autobiographical Association?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Fleur handle the motivation behind the evil doings of the title character in Warrender Chase?

2. Fleur and takes Lady Edwina on regular Sunday afternoon walks. They are soon joined by one of her old friends. How are these relationships developing?

3. What convinced Fleur that Sir Quentin had begun acting out an evil plan on the members of the Autobiographical Association?

4. Fleur describes both Beryl Tims and Dottie, the wife of Fleur's lover, as "English Roses." What does she mean by this?

5. How had Fleur originally come up with the idea for her novel, Warrender Chase?

6. What is the first publisher's reaction to Fleur's novel, Warrender Chase?

7. How does Fleur react upon learning that Beryl Tims loves Sir Quentin?

8. Describe Fleur's impressions of Sir Quentin Oliver upon their first meeting.

9. Describe any two members of the Association introduced in Chapter 2.

10. Why did Fleur bring her friends, Theo and Audrey, in to read the proofs of Warrender Chase for her?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

A recurring theme in literature is the classic conflict between passion and responsibility. How does Fleur confront honoring her passion for finding the story with her responsibilities? Describe the nature of the conflict, how it affects the character, and its importance to the story.

Essay Topic 2

Describe as much as you can about the culture in which Fleur lives based on descriptions from the novel. How much of that culture is revealed through her eyes? Could this novel be set anywhere else? Could the story have transpired, in tact, had it taken place in the US, or Shanghai or Paris or Munich in 1949? How might it have differed had it been moved from England?

Essay Topic 3

Writers can describe the values of a culture or a society through characters who succeed in the culture, or conversely, are alienated from society. How do this novel's characters, through their success or alienation, reveal the 1949 London society's assumptions or moral values?

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