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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Fleur want to understand what Sir Quentin is up to?
(a) She wants to hire a detective to follow him.
(b) She wants to confront him with her suspicions.
(c) She wants to enlist the help of Beryl Tims, who seems closest to him.
(d) She is determined to become a victim of whatever he is doing.

2. Fleur realizes four things simultaneously in Chapter 7. She hears the sound of Beryl Tims heels approaching, Sir Quentin opening a deep drawer in his desk, the repetition in her mind of Sir Quentin's comment about her having delusions of grandeur, and what else?
(a) That Sir Findlay had arrived.
(b) That she must leave her job with the Association at once.
(c) The sound of Lady Edwina having an accident in the parlor.
(d) The realization that his words came directly from her manuscript of Warrender Chase.

3. How does Lady Edwina react upon receiving the tragic news of the suicide of one of the Association's members?
(a) She becomes catatonic.
(b) She cannot stop crying and is begging for Fleur to come.
(c) She wanders off into the rain.
(d) She is in laughing hysterics and asking for Fleur.

4. What is the primary reason Fleur feels so indignant about being accused of libeling the Autobiographical Association?
(a) She formulated her characters and plot before she began working for Sir Quentin.
(b) The events in her story are vastly different from the events that have happened within the Association.
(c) She was very careful to change enough details that the characters, though similar, did not represent the members.
(d) To her, none of the characters seem overly similar.

5. Fleur calls her publisher again asking for the manuscript of Warrender Chase. Why do they tell her it was destroyed?
(a) It was on his desk for her to take; when she did not, they assumed she did not want it.
(b) Due to Sir Quentin's concerns of libel, they thought it best that it no longer existed.
(c) It was destroyed by mistake by a new employee.
(d) They have a policy of destroying any unpublished manuscript left in their possession.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 12, Fleur expands on her narration of the present, reminding us that she is relating the adventures with the Autobiographical Association from a future perspective. What is it that prompts the policeman in the graveyard, in the summer of 1950, to say to Fleur, "Loitering with Intent?"

2. What is the first thing Fleur does upon returning home with the bag from Sir Quentin's flat?

3. How does Sir Quentin try to justify his behavior to Fleur?

4. Who does Fleur call for advice when she realizes she has no copy of her novel?

5. How does Sir Quentin explain Mrs. Wilks' ranting?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why doesn't Fleur tell Edwina that she believes Sir Quentin is behind the theft of her manuscript?

2. What is the traumatic news Fleur receives near the end of Chapter 8?

3. What realization does Fleur come to regarding her novel, Warrender Chase, when Sir Quentin calls her into his office in Chapter 7?

4. When her novel is ultimately published, how does Fleur initially react?

5. Before Fleur works out a plan to retrieve her manuscript, fate intervenes and presents her with a way to do so. What happens?

6. What was it that Fleur scolded herself when she determined who had likely stolen the manuscript from her room?

7. When Fleur runs into Mrs. Wilks in Chapter 7, what does Fleur observe about her?

8. Before Fleur leaves the flat, Lady Edwina gives her something in secret. When she reads it later, what does she find?

9. Chapter 11 is filled with a great deal of information, often through Fleur's narrations from the present as she remembers the events of her past. Describe two concepts on which she sheds light at this point in the book.

10. Fleur's job at the Association has changed by Chapter 7. What are her duties now?

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