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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Fleur find upon returning home after arguing with Sir Quentin?
(a) That her landlords, the Alexanders, have thrwarted a burglary.
(b) That Solly is waiting for her
(c) That her flat had once again been ransacked.
(d) That the bag of papers she'd hidden had been stolen without evidence of a break-in.

2. Where does Sir Quentin decide to take the Association members?
(a) On a book tour just as soon as he can get the memoirs published.
(b) On a retreat to Northumberland, because they are being persecuted in London.
(c) Into London for a night of celebration in honor of all they've written.
(d) On a retreat to Northumberland to relax after all they've accomplished with their memoirs.

3. How does Fleur suggest Lady Edwina act as her accomplice?
(a) Edwina should ask Dottie to help her begin her own autobiography, and insist that she begin that very evening.
(b) Pretend that she has fallen and call Dottie to take her to the hospital.
(c) She asks Edwina to insist on Dottie as her caregiver for the evening, insist Dottie call a doctor and wet herself if she has to, to keep her away for three hours.
(d) She suggests Edwina invite Dottie to dinner and then take a drive, giving the taxi driver wrong directions so they get lost.

4. Edwina takes Sir Quentin's death courageously, and afterward, does what?
(a) Asks Fleur to move into the flat.
(b) Destroys all of the autobiographies.
(c) Leaves the flat and vows never to return.
(d) Moves to Sir Quentin's house in the country.

5. What does Fleur see in Sir Quentin's drawer?
(a) A bundle of proofs approximately the size of a novel.
(b) A pearl-handled knife.
(c) Her original manuscript of Warrender Chase.
(d) A photo of him with Beryl Tims.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Fleur stays up all night going through her manuscript, what does she realize?

2. How does Fleur react when Sir Quentin informs her that his mother is not of sound mind and that she should disregard any promises made about an inheritance?

3. In Chapter 12, Fleur expands on her narration of the present, reminding us that she is relating the adventures with the Autobiographical Association from a future perspective. What is it that prompts the policeman in the graveyard, in the summer of 1950, to say to Fleur, "Loitering with Intent?"

4. To what is the suicide attributed?

5. What does Sir Quentin inquire about Fleur's future?

Short Essay Questions

1. Before Fleur leaves the flat, Lady Edwina gives her something in secret. When she reads it later, what does she find?

2. What is the traumatic news Fleur receives near the end of Chapter 8?

3. Fleur's job at the Association has changed by Chapter 7. What are her duties now?

4. What was Fleur's internal reaction to the tragic news in Chapter 8?

5. Fleur desperately wants to do what when she gets home with her manuscript? What does she do instead?

6. When her novel is ultimately published, how does Fleur initially react?

7. How does Sir Quentin lure Fleur to his office after she retypes her manuscript and gives the copies to Solly?

8. What is Fleur's reaction when Dottie calls her to tell her of Sir Quentin's death?

9. Even though Fleur and Dottie have quite a tumultuous relationship, after Sir Quentin's death, she keeps Fleur well-informed about the other members of the Autobiographical Association. Describe what happens to any two members.

10. How does Fleur react to her own novel as she goes through it, typing up additional copies?

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