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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the Association members dutifully visits Sir Quentin's grave daily, and converses with him there?
(a) Maisie Young.
(b) Mrs. Wilks.
(c) Eric Findlay.
(d) Clotilde du Loiret.

2. In Chapter 12, Fleur expands on her narration of the present, reminding us that she is relating the adventures with the Autobiographical Association from a future perspective. What is it that prompts the policeman in the graveyard, in the summer of 1950, to say to Fleur, "Loitering with Intent?"
(a) She asks him what he last arrested someone for that day.
(b) She asks him what crime he might accuse her of, if any, for sitting on a gravestone.
(c) She asks him to name one crime for which he has never arrested anyone.
(d) She asks him what, if he had to invent a crime for someone writing a book, he might suggest.

3. How does Lady Edwina feel about being solicited as an accomplice?
(a) She giggles hysterically, thrilled for the adventure.
(b) She agrees, with a gleam in her eye.
(c) She agrees, with much trepidation.
(d) She tries to refuse, but Fleur implores her.

4. What does Fleur realize when she gets home after learning from her publisher that he will not publish her novel?
(a) That if she renames the novel, she can simply take it to a new publisher.
(b) That perhaps she should use a pseudonym before trying to get anything else published.
(c) That the publisher has the only typescript of Warrender Chase.
(d) That Sir Quentin is right, and that she must admit her guilt.

5. When she looks through pages of the memoirs, what does Fleur see?
(a) That Sir Quentin has changed all of the writing to read as if he himself had written it.
(b) Parts of her manuscript, scattered throughout the pages.
(c) Notes in Sir Quentin's handwriting of passages from her novel.
(d) That all of her changes and writing have been removed.

Short Answer Questions

1. Fleur realizes four things simultaneously in Chapter 7. She hears the sound of Beryl Tims heels approaching, Sir Quentin opening a deep drawer in his desk, the repetition in her mind of Sir Quentin's comment about her having delusions of grandeur, and what else?

2. When Fleur goes out with Wally, what does he tell her about Bucks Gilbert?

3. How does Sir Quentin get Fleur to return to his flat?

4. What is that Fleur realizes Sir Quentin has been giving the Association members?

5. Fleur takes a weekend visit with Wally in his cottage, but is ultimately disappointed. He seems distracted by Warrender Chase, so she begins telling him about her next novel, in the hopes of driving it out. Why, then, is she disappointed?

Short Essay Questions

1. After Fleur retrieves her manuscript and goes home, she is visited by Dottie. What happens during this visit?

2. Even though Fleur and Dottie have quite a tumultuous relationship, after Sir Quentin's death, she keeps Fleur well-informed about the other members of the Autobiographical Association. Describe what happens to any two members.

3. What was Fleur's internal reaction to the tragic news in Chapter 8?

4. How does Sir Quentin lure Fleur to his office after she retypes her manuscript and gives the copies to Solly?

5. Fleur's job at the Association has changed by Chapter 7. What are her duties now?

6. What is the traumatic news Fleur receives near the end of Chapter 8?

7. Chapter 11 is filled with a great deal of information, often through Fleur's narrations from the present as she remembers the events of her past. Describe two concepts on which she sheds light at this point in the book.

8. What is Fleur's reaction when Dottie calls her to tell her of Sir Quentin's death?

9. Why doesn't Fleur tell Edwina that she believes Sir Quentin is behind the theft of her manuscript?

10. How does Fleur happen upon the title of the book she is now narrating?

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