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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Dottie begin to confide in about her husband?
(a) Beryl Tims.
(b) Sir Eric Findlay.
(c) Lady Edwina.
(d) Sir Quentin.

2. Why does Fleur say she prefers writing fictionally over biographically?
(a) All the characters and the order of events are entirely up to her imagination.
(b) She has yet to meet anyone interesting enough about whom to write.
(c) She hates doing factual research.
(d) She finds fantasy much more interesting than real life.

3. How does Wally react to Fleur's anecdotes about the Autobiographical Association?
(a) He asks Fleur if he can join the organization.
(b) He is appalled at the idea of "fixing" supposedly true memoirs.
(c) He enjoys them greatly.
(d) He is bored and repeatedly tries to change the subject.

4. On whom did Fleur base the title character is Warrender Chase?
(a) He is based on Fleur's lover, Leslie.
(b) He is based on Sir Quentin.
(c) No one; the character was already developed before she met her new employer.
(d) He is based on Fleur's grandfather.

5. What does Fleur do while at home for two weeks with the flu?
(a) She takes a hiatus from writing altogether.
(b) She digs into Sir Quentin's past.
(c) She begins a new novel.
(d) She finishes her novel.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Fleur do with her companion at the party?

2. How does Dottie react to Fleur's novel, now that it is completed?

3. What does Fleur ask of her friends, Theo and Audrey?

4. Why does Fleur believe she should stay with her current job rather than find another as Wally encourages?

5. Who does Sir Eric Findlay believe is no longer of sound mind?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain Fleur's confusion, early on, about her novel, Warrender Chase and how it related to the events with the Association.

2. What does Fleur find unusual about Dottie when she visits Fleur after returning from Ireland?

3. Fleur describes both Beryl Tims and Dottie, the wife of Fleur's lover, as "English Roses." What does she mean by this?

4. What happens in January of 1950 that begins to shed light on Sir Quentin's intentions?

5. What does Wally suggest Fleur should do about her job, and how does she respond?

6. What is the first publisher's reaction to Fleur's novel, Warrender Chase?

7. Fleur describes the day she is sitting in the graveyard working on a poem as the last day of a whole chunk of her life, although she isn't aware of it at the time. Why do you think she feels this way?

8. How does Sir Quentin introduce Fleur to the Autobiographical Association members the first time, and why?

9. How does Fleur spend that first meeting of the Association?

10. What does Fleur realize about Maisie Young when Maisie comes to visit her apartment?

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