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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dottie comes to see Fleur when she returns to the city to tell her what?
(a) That Sir Quentin died alone in a car crash in the city.
(b) That Sir Quentin had succumbed to a massive heart attack, probably brought on by Dexedrine.
(c) That Sir Quentin died in a car crash on the way to his retreat.
(d) That Sir Quentin had been killed by Association members who realized he was trying to control them.

2. When Lady Edwina realizes that her son has been up to no good, how does she react to Fleur?
(a) She remains completely supportive of Fleur.
(b) She refuses to take sides or get involved.
(c) She lashes out at Fleur, demanding to know why she would assume he could do something so evil.
(d) She defends Sir Quentin.

3. Fleur has been given pages from Sir Quentin's private diary. What does she find written there?
(a) Evidence of his lust for Fleur.
(b) Rantings about how much he loathes his mother.
(c) Details of his relationship with Mrs. Tims.
(d) Documentation of his plan to steal her manuscript, keep it from being published and direct quotes from her book.

4. How does Sir Quentin explain Mrs. Wilks' ranting?
(a) Hints that she might be suffering from a chronic illness.
(b) He indicates that her family has a history of mental illness.
(c) Says she'd been fasting too strictly.
(d) Says she had personal problems that had recently upset her.

5. What does Edwina say to Fleur when she goes to see her after learning Sir Quentin is out?
(a) "Suicide. Too young for such a tragic death."
(b) "Suicide. Just like the woman in your novel."
(c) "Maybe it was not suicide after all."
(d) "Suicide is such an ugly event. My entire week has been ruined."

6. How does Lady Edwina feel about being solicited as an accomplice?
(a) She agrees, with much trepidation.
(b) She agrees, with a gleam in her eye.
(c) She giggles hysterically, thrilled for the adventure.
(d) She tries to refuse, but Fleur implores her.

7. Leslie's novel was published around the same time as Warrender Chase, and received feeble reviews. How is Warrender Chase received?
(a) Positive reviews come out immediately.
(b) Warrender Chase is only mildly well-received, but her next novel does very well.
(c) Nothing happens during the first two weeks, then suddenly positive reviews pour in.
(d) The first reviews are tepid, but one good review is finally printed, and that seems to turn the tide.

8. Fleur takes a weekend visit with Wally in his cottage, but is ultimately disappointed. He seems distracted by Warrender Chase, so she begins telling him about her next novel, in the hopes of driving it out. Why, then, is she disappointed?
(a) He can't stop talking about Warrender Chase and wondering if Sir Quentin will meet the same end.
(b) She had anticipated a romantic weekend and it turned out to be not nearly as romantic as she'd hoped.
(c) She can't get past her jealousy after seeing the remnants of a previous weekend for two.
(d) He gets so excited about her next book that he spends the weekend tossing her ideas for it.

9. What does Lady Edwina do before Fleur leaves Sir Quentin's flat?
(a) She promises Fleur she will speak to Sir Quentin on Fleur's behalf.
(b) She cries and hugs Fleur, fearful she will never see her again.
(c) She agrees to retrieve Fleur's pay and employment cards from Sir Quentin.
(d) She shoves an envelope into Fleur's pocket.

10. How does Sir Quentin get Fleur to return to his flat?
(a) He calls and threatens to call the police on her for taking papers from his office.
(b) He calls and tells her he'd like to discuss a serious matter.
(c) He sends Lady Edwina over to invite Fleur for dinner and not take 'no' for an answer.
(d) He has Beryl Tims call and say that Edwina is not well and asking for her.

11. Who does Fleur phone to come help her and Lady Edwina search for the manuscript?
(a) Leslie.
(b) Solly.
(c) Dottie.
(d) Theo and Audrey.

12. How does Fleur suggest Lady Edwina act as her accomplice?
(a) She suggests Edwina invite Dottie to dinner and then take a drive, giving the taxi driver wrong directions so they get lost.
(b) Edwina should ask Dottie to help her begin her own autobiography, and insist that she begin that very evening.
(c) She asks Edwina to insist on Dottie as her caregiver for the evening, insist Dottie call a doctor and wet herself if she has to, to keep her away for three hours.
(d) Pretend that she has fallen and call Dottie to take her to the hospital.

13. Fleur has a job interview at the BBC, but does not get the job. Why, when she looks back, does she remember this fondly?
(a) She decides halfway through the interview that she doesn't want to work there after all, and is bouyed by this realization.
(b) She meets the man there whom she will ultimately marry.
(c) She runs into a dear friend from childhood and they grow close after getting reacquainted.
(d) Later she does get a job there, and the file from this interview is a source of much amusement.

14. Fleur calls her publisher again asking for the manuscript of Warrender Chase. Why do they tell her it was destroyed?
(a) Due to Sir Quentin's concerns of libel, they thought it best that it no longer existed.
(b) It was destroyed by mistake by a new employee.
(c) It was on his desk for her to take; when she did not, they assumed she did not want it.
(d) They have a policy of destroying any unpublished manuscript left in their possession.

15. When is the problem Fleur's publisher calls her in to discuss?
(a) He cannot publish Warrender Chase, as Sir Quentin has threatened to sue for libel.
(b) He has decided Warrender Chase is too evil and unrealistic to publish.
(c) He can't publish her first novel as Sir Quentin has accused her of plaigerism.
(d) He wants her to change the title of her second novel.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what is the suicide attributed?

2. One of the characters in Warrender Chase also commits suicide, and it is attributed to the character having been driven mad. What is supposed to have driven her mad?

3. When Fleur and Wally run into Gray Mauser, what does Fleur tell him?

4. When Sir Quentin tries to incriminate Fleur by telling Lady Edwina that Fleur has had a professional break into their home and steal his diary, how does Lady Edwina respond?

5. What does Fleur do when they can not find her manuscripts?

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