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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Fleur suggest Lady Edwina act as her accomplice?
(a) She suggests Edwina invite Dottie to dinner and then take a drive, giving the taxi driver wrong directions so they get lost.
(b) Edwina should ask Dottie to help her begin her own autobiography, and insist that she begin that very evening.
(c) Pretend that she has fallen and call Dottie to take her to the hospital.
(d) She asks Edwina to insist on Dottie as her caregiver for the evening, insist Dottie call a doctor and wet herself if she has to, to keep her away for three hours.

2. One of the characters in Warrender Chase also commits suicide, and it is attributed to the character having been driven mad. What is supposed to have driven her mad?
(a) Warrender Chase's infidelity.
(b) Her unrequited love for Warrender Chase.
(c) Her inability to give Warrender Chase an heir.
(d) Warrender Chase and his prayer meetings.

3. When is the problem Fleur's publisher calls her in to discuss?
(a) He has decided Warrender Chase is too evil and unrealistic to publish.
(b) He cannot publish Warrender Chase, as Sir Quentin has threatened to sue for libel.
(c) He wants her to change the title of her second novel.
(d) He can't publish her first novel as Sir Quentin has accused her of plaigerism.

4. When Fleur runs into Mrs. Wilks in Chapter 7, she notices Mrs. Wilks has lost a lot of weight and no longer seemed happy. What does she ask Fleur to do?
(a) Change her name to Miss Davids in her documents so the Trotskyites won't find and assassinate her.
(b) Help her rewrite her latest chapter as she is not happy with it.
(c) Make sure the secret agents don't find her.
(d) Come with her to buy new clothing that fits.

5. Dottie comes to see Fleur when she returns to the city to tell her what?
(a) That Sir Quentin died in a car crash on the way to his retreat.
(b) That Sir Quentin had been killed by Association members who realized he was trying to control them.
(c) That Sir Quentin died alone in a car crash in the city.
(d) That Sir Quentin had succumbed to a massive heart attack, probably brought on by Dexedrine.

6. Sir Quentin's death is nearly identical to the death in her novel of the character Warrender Chase. How is this theme continued at his funeral?
(a) Lady Edwina eulogizes Sir Quentin just as Chase's mother eulogized him.
(b) Beryl Tims speaks, using nearly identical words to those of Charlotte in the book.
(c) Warrender Chase's followers all avoided his funeral, as did the members of the Autobiographical Association avoid Sir Quentin's.
(d) Revisson Doe comes to the funeral and quotes an exact passage from the end of the novel.

7. What does Sir Quentin inquire about Fleur's future?
(a) If she has any marital prospects.
(b) If she plans to live abroad.
(c) If she believes her novels will succeed.
(d) If she would like to become a member of the Association rather than merely an employee.

8. Even though Fleur insists that she started her novel well before beginning her job at the Autobiographical Association, the publisher ignores her and refuses to publish it because:
(a) He and Sir Quentin are second cousins.
(b) He has never cared for Fleur and wants to be rid of her.
(c) Sir Quentin is an important man.
(d) He doesn't believe a young woman could be so creative, so Sir Quentin must be telling the truth.

9. Who is Mrs. Fisher?
(a) Lady Edwina's nurse.
(b) The publisher's assistant.
(c) Fleur's oldest friend.
(d) Beryl Tims' sister.

10. When Fleur stays up all night going through her manuscript, what does she realize?
(a) She sees that it does bear some similarities to the Association and makes changes to avoid any hint of libel.
(b) She believes it is exactly right, and is glad she didn't change anything.
(c) She sees its shortcomings and begins typing revisions straight away.
(d) She sees its shortcomings, but decides to leave it as is rather than rewrite the entire book.

11. Fleur has been given pages from Sir Quentin's private diary. What does she find written there?
(a) Documentation of his plan to steal her manuscript, keep it from being published and direct quotes from her book.
(b) Details of his relationship with Mrs. Tims.
(c) Evidence of his lust for Fleur.
(d) Rantings about how much he loathes his mother.

12. Fleur realizes four things simultaneously in Chapter 7. She hears the sound of Beryl Tims heels approaching, Sir Quentin opening a deep drawer in his desk, the repetition in her mind of Sir Quentin's comment about her having delusions of grandeur, and what else?
(a) The realization that his words came directly from her manuscript of Warrender Chase.
(b) That she must leave her job with the Association at once.
(c) That Sir Findlay had arrived.
(d) The sound of Lady Edwina having an accident in the parlor.

13. When Sir Quentin tries to incriminate Fleur by telling Lady Edwina that Fleur has had a professional break into their home and steal his diary, how does Lady Edwina respond?
(a) She stands up and wets herself, then tells Sir Quentin to leave because she pays the rent on the flat.
(b) She tells Sir Quentin that she gave Fleur the diary because she despises him, son or not.
(c) She grabs the telephone and calls the police.
(d) She launches into an hysterical rant, insisting the Fleur leave at once.

14. When Fleur and Wally run into Gray Mauser, what does Fleur tell him?
(a) That she hopes Dottie and Leslie put their marriage back together.
(b) That she wants to borrow the key to surprise Leslie by editing his writing.
(c) That she wants to borrow the key to leave a surprise in the flat for Dottie.
(d) That she wants to borrow the key in order to clean the flat, as a surprise for Dottie.

15. How does Lady Edwina react upon receiving the tragic news of the suicide of one of the Association's members?
(a) She is in laughing hysterics and asking for Fleur.
(b) She wanders off into the rain.
(c) She becomes catatonic.
(d) She cannot stop crying and is begging for Fleur to come.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Fleur call for advice when she realizes she has no copy of her novel?

2. Who does Fleur see for the last time as she leaves Sir Quentin's drawing room?

3. What does Fleur receive the day after she sits in the graveyard and visits with the policeman?

4. Leslie's novel was published around the same time as Warrender Chase, and received feeble reviews. How is Warrender Chase received?

5. Fleur calls her publisher again asking for the manuscript of Warrender Chase. Why do they tell her it was destroyed?

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