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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Sir Quentin decide to take the Association members?
(a) On a retreat to Northumberland to relax after all they've accomplished with their memoirs.
(b) Into London for a night of celebration in honor of all they've written.
(c) On a book tour just as soon as he can get the memoirs published.
(d) On a retreat to Northumberland, because they are being persecuted in London.

2. Dottie finally realizes Fleur has stolen back the manuscript from her flat, and calls Fleur demanding to know how she got in. What does Fleur tell her?
(a) She told her Gray gave her the key.
(b) She told her that Leslie had given her a key long ago.
(c) She told her that she stole the key from Gray's house.
(d) Nothing, she just hangs up.

3. How does Lady Edwina react upon receiving the tragic news of the suicide of one of the Association's members?
(a) She becomes catatonic.
(b) She wanders off into the rain.
(c) She cannot stop crying and is begging for Fleur to come.
(d) She is in laughing hysterics and asking for Fleur.

4. Dottie comes to see Fleur when she returns to the city to tell her what?
(a) That Sir Quentin died alone in a car crash in the city.
(b) That Sir Quentin died in a car crash on the way to his retreat.
(c) That Sir Quentin had succumbed to a massive heart attack, probably brought on by Dexedrine.
(d) That Sir Quentin had been killed by Association members who realized he was trying to control them.

5. When she returns to Sir Quentin's flat after the suicide, Beryl Tims tells Fleur that Sir Quentin had to go out. What does Fleur do?
(a) She waits in the drawing room for him to return in order to confront him.
(b) She tears the drawing room apart searching for her novel.
(c) She sits Beryl down and questions her about the manuscript.
(d) She goes to the study, shuts the door and searches for her manuscript.

6. Sir Quentin's death is nearly identical to the death in her novel of the character Warrender Chase. How is this theme continued at his funeral?
(a) Revisson Doe comes to the funeral and quotes an exact passage from the end of the novel.
(b) Beryl Tims speaks, using nearly identical words to those of Charlotte in the book.
(c) Lady Edwina eulogizes Sir Quentin just as Chase's mother eulogized him.
(d) Warrender Chase's followers all avoided his funeral, as did the members of the Autobiographical Association avoid Sir Quentin's.

7. How does Lady Edwina feel about being solicited as an accomplice?
(a) She agrees, with much trepidation.
(b) She giggles hysterically, thrilled for the adventure.
(c) She tries to refuse, but Fleur implores her.
(d) She agrees, with a gleam in her eye.

8. How does Fleur react when Sir Quentin informs her that his mother is not of sound mind and that she should disregard any promises made about an inheritance?
(a) She is furious and tells him she would never take payment for friendship.
(b) She tells him he does not know his mother very well at all.
(c) She does not believe him.
(d) She is despondent as she had been counting on Edwina's generosity.

9. What does Fleur find upon returning home after arguing with Sir Quentin?
(a) That Solly is waiting for her
(b) That her flat had once again been ransacked.
(c) That the bag of papers she'd hidden had been stolen without evidence of a break-in.
(d) That her landlords, the Alexanders, have thrwarted a burglary.

10. Leslie's novel was published around the same time as Warrender Chase, and received feeble reviews. How is Warrender Chase received?
(a) Warrender Chase is only mildly well-received, but her next novel does very well.
(b) The first reviews are tepid, but one good review is finally printed, and that seems to turn the tide.
(c) Nothing happens during the first two weeks, then suddenly positive reviews pour in.
(d) Positive reviews come out immediately.

11. Lady Edwina lived until she was 98 years old. She'd outlived her son and inherited his wealth; who inherited her fortune when she died?
(a) Solly Mendelsohn.
(b) Fleur, of course.
(c) Her manservant and her nurse, who had married.
(d) Dottie.

12. Fleur tells Sir Quentin that she knows he plagiarized her novel and plans to sue him. How does he respond?
(a) He insists that scribbling on a novel is why she was unable to do her job well and that it is he who will sue.
(b) He laughs her off and tells her she must be completely mad.
(c) He breaks down and confesses, asking how they can reach some sort of agreement.
(d) He says that if Lady Edwina did not care so much for her, he'd get rid of her himself.

13. What does Fleur realize when she gets home after learning from her publisher that he will not publish her novel?
(a) That the publisher has the only typescript of Warrender Chase.
(b) That Sir Quentin is right, and that she must admit her guilt.
(c) That perhaps she should use a pseudonym before trying to get anything else published.
(d) That if she renames the novel, she can simply take it to a new publisher.

14. With her manuscript missing, what does Fleur fears that it could be in anyone's hands, being put to any sort of use. What is her other concern about it at this point?
(a) That she will be left penniless if someone takes it and publishes it
(b) That she will be embarrassed if the libel charge becomes public.
(c) That without it, she will lose the inspiration to continue writing.
(d) That if no copy any longer exists, Warrender Chase has ceased to exist.

15. When Lady Edwina realizes that her son has been up to no good, how does she react to Fleur?
(a) She lashes out at Fleur, demanding to know why she would assume he could do something so evil.
(b) She refuses to take sides or get involved.
(c) She remains completely supportive of Fleur.
(d) She defends Sir Quentin.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Fleur phone to come help her and Lady Edwina search for the manuscript?

2. Even though Fleur insists that she started her novel well before beginning her job at the Autobiographical Association, the publisher ignores her and refuses to publish it because:

3. When Fleur calls the publisher's office to ask for the typescript back, what is she told?

4. What happens when Dottie visited Fleur's room the evening after Fleur found her manuscript?

5. When is the problem Fleur's publisher calls her in to discuss?

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