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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Leslie's novel was published around the same time as Warrender Chase, and received feeble reviews. How is Warrender Chase received?
(a) The first reviews are tepid, but one good review is finally printed, and that seems to turn the tide.
(b) Positive reviews come out immediately.
(c) Nothing happens during the first two weeks, then suddenly positive reviews pour in.
(d) Warrender Chase is only mildly well-received, but her next novel does very well.

2. Where does Fleur go after the reviews for Warrender Chase come out?
(a) London.
(b) Edwina's house.
(c) Paris.
(d) Wally's cottage.

3. In the novel's present day, Fleur lives in Paris. Who has just been there to visit her?
(a) Maisie Young, who runs a successful vegetarian restaurant.
(b) Solly Mendelsohn, on holiday from Hampstead Heath.
(c) Dottie, her current husband and the ugliest children Fleur has ever seen.
(d) Egbert Delaney, recently released from rehabilitation after exposing himself in the park.

4. Fleur tells Sir Quentin that she knows he plagiarized her novel and plans to sue him. How does he respond?
(a) He says that if Lady Edwina did not care so much for her, he'd get rid of her himself.
(b) He insists that scribbling on a novel is why she was unable to do her job well and that it is he who will sue.
(c) He breaks down and confesses, asking how they can reach some sort of agreement.
(d) He laughs her off and tells her she must be completely mad.

5. What does Fleur receive the day after she sits in the graveyard and visits with the policeman?
(a) A phone call from a new publisher inquiring about her next novel.
(b) A letter from a barrister informing her that she would be remitted by Sir Quentin's estate for his unlawful use of her material.
(c) A letter from an American publisher wanting to publish Warrender Chase.
(d) A letter from Triad Press asking her to make an appointment with them right away.

6. Where do Sir Quentin and Beryl Tims have to go after the suicide?
(a) To see the attorney for the Association.
(b) To visit the relatives of the deceased.
(c) To the morgue.
(d) To the Coroner's Inquest.

7. What happens when Dottie visited Fleur's room the evening after Fleur found her manuscript?
(a) Dottie accuses Fleur of breaking into her flat and stealing a ream of paper.
(b) Fleur accuses Dottie of plagiarizing Warrender Chase.
(c) They argue and Dottie throws whiskey on the copies Fleur is typing.
(d) Dottie tells Fleur that Sir Quentin is coming to retrieve the papers Fleur took from his flat.

8. Lady Edwina lived until she was 98 years old. She'd outlived her son and inherited his wealth; who inherited her fortune when she died?
(a) Fleur, of course.
(b) Solly Mendelsohn.
(c) Dottie.
(d) Her manservant and her nurse, who had married.

9. Who does Fleur see for the last time as she leaves Sir Quentin's drawing room?
(a) Lady Edwina, looking sad and confused.
(b) Solly Mendelsohn, looking euphoric.
(c) Lady Bernice, looking upset and disheveled.
(d) The ex-priest, looking angry and vindictive.

10. Who does Fleur phone to come help her and Lady Edwina search for the manuscript?
(a) Theo and Audrey.
(b) Leslie.
(c) Solly.
(d) Dottie.

11. Fleur takes a weekend visit with Wally in his cottage, but is ultimately disappointed. He seems distracted by Warrender Chase, so she begins telling him about her next novel, in the hopes of driving it out. Why, then, is she disappointed?
(a) She can't get past her jealousy after seeing the remnants of a previous weekend for two.
(b) He can't stop talking about Warrender Chase and wondering if Sir Quentin will meet the same end.
(c) He gets so excited about her next book that he spends the weekend tossing her ideas for it.
(d) She had anticipated a romantic weekend and it turned out to be not nearly as romantic as she'd hoped.

12. What news does Fleur receive from Lady Edwina's nurse that evening, after she's learned that her novel won't be published?
(a) That Lady Bernice has committed suicide.
(b) That Sir Eric Findlay has committed suicide.
(c) That Egbert Delaney has committed suicide.
(d) That Mrs. Wilks has committed suicide.

13. What is that Sir Quentin has been enforcing upon the members?
(a) An early curfew so that the rest might heighten their creativity.
(b) A "purifying fast."
(c) A rigorous exercise routine, to sharpen their minds.
(d) A series of stringent deadlines.

14. Who does Fleur call for advice when she realizes she has no copy of her novel?
(a) Leslie.
(b) Lady Edwina.
(c) Solly.
(d) Dottie.

15. When Fleur discovers her original manuscript missing, who does she first assume must have taken it?
(a) Lady Edwina.
(b) Revisson Doe.
(c) Dottie.
(d) Leslie.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Fleur do when they can not find her manuscripts?

2. When she returns to Sir Quentin's flat after the suicide, Beryl Tims tells Fleur that Sir Quentin had to go out. What does Fleur do?

3. When Fleur and Wally run into Gray Mauser, what does Fleur tell him?

4. When Sir Quentin tries to incriminate Fleur by telling Lady Edwina that Fleur has had a professional break into their home and steal his diary, how does Lady Edwina respond?

5. How does Fleur react when Sir Quentin informs her that his mother is not of sound mind and that she should disregard any promises made about an inheritance?

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