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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lady Edwina behaves erratically with Sir Quentin and Beryl Tims. What are the symptoms of her supposed dementia?
(a) She forgets that Sir Quentin is her son.
(b) She makes outrageous statements and routinely wets herself.
(c) She refuses to eat.
(d) She wanders off into the city and regularly gets lost.

2. How does Dottie describe Fleur's character, Marjorie?
(a) She calls her sly and troublesome.
(b) She wonders why Marjorie is so homely.
(c) She says she is too much a vixen.
(d) She says she is evil and not very womanly.

3. How does Dottie react to Fleur's novel, now that it is completed?
(a) She says that Theo and Audry haven't found a single error and adore the story.
(b) She tells her she loves it.
(c) she tells her it is a sick novel and that Theo and Audrey agree.
(d) She says that it is brilliant but confusing.

4. How does Fleur get rid of Maisie when she can tolerate her vapid conversation no longer?
(a) She feigns having to make a phone call.
(b) She begins coughing and indicates her flu might be returning.
(c) She intimates that a secret lover may be stopping by.
(d) She suddenly remembers a meeting she must attend.

5. How does Fleur react about her book find when she shops for Maisie?
(a) She rejoices, feeling like she's met an old friend.
(b) She feels more curious than anything.
(c) She feels stunned, having not realized it was out there.
(d) She looks for more of the same kind of thing.

6. What does Dottie accuse Fleur of when Fleur seems displeased at her connections to the group?
(a) Trying to steal the ideas of the members for her own work.
(b) Being jealous of her superior writing skills.
(c) Being jealous that she is getting close to them.
(d) Trying to undermine Sir Quentin's work.

7. Fleur lives surrounded by books, yet does not consider herself a bibliophile. Why not?
(a) She is only interested in books for the content, not for their rarity or value.
(b) She collects books by the hundreds but rarely reads them all the way through.
(c) She only collects books of poetry.
(d) She only borrows from the library rather than purchase books for her own.

8. What do Gray Mauser and Fleur discuss when they visit a pub together?
(a) Why silk ties might be sex symbols.
(b) How he might break off his relationship with Leslie.
(c) His troubles with Leslie, who had gone to Ireland with Dottie.
(d) How angry she was feeling toward Sir Quentin.

9. What do Maisie and Fleur discuss during that first visit?
(a) Fleur's novel.
(b) Maisie's manuscript.
(c) Satan.
(d) Sir Quentin.

10. On whom did Fleur base the title character is Warrender Chase?
(a) He is based on Fleur's lover, Leslie.
(b) No one; the character was already developed before she met her new employer.
(c) He is based on Fleur's grandfather.
(d) He is based on Sir Quentin.

11. Who does Wally think he's heard of before?
(a) Lady Edwina.
(b) Sir Eric Findlay.
(c) Beryl Tims.
(d) Sir Quentin Oliver.

12. Who is Revisson Doe?
(a) A new publisher.
(b) Sir Quentin's nephew.
(c) Solly's oldest friend.
(d) A character Fleur is saving for her next novel.

13. Where did Fleur first meet and interview with Sir Quentin?
(a) In the lobby of the Berkeley Hotel.
(b) At a local pub.
(c) In the sitting room of her boarding house.
(d) In the offices of the Autobiographical Association.

14. Why is Fleur initially so pleased with her new employer and his assistant?
(a) Because she realizes that they all have many interests in common.
(b) Because they welcome her warmly and make her feel right at home.
(c) Because she sees much in their mannerisms and behaviors that will be useful in creating characters in her book.
(d) Because they agree to allow her time to work on her own writing during the day.

15. What does Fleur begin to notice toward the end of January, 1950?
(a) That Sir Quentin might be a decent sort, after all.
(b) That the Association members are becoming better writers.
(c) The deterioration of the Association members.
(d) That Dottie and Leslie no longer live together.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Maisie tell Fleur the ex-priest had said about her?

2. What does Lady Edwina say when her new nurse collects her from the Association meeting in Chapter 3?

3. What does Fleur do while at home for two weeks with the flu?

4. Who had visited Fleur's room while she was out dancing?

5. Who does Fleur run into at the Gilbert party?

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