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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Wally react to Fleur's anecdotes about the Autobiographical Association?
(a) He asks Fleur if he can join the organization.
(b) He is appalled at the idea of "fixing" supposedly true memoirs.
(c) He is bored and repeatedly tries to change the subject.
(d) He enjoys them greatly.

2. How does Dottie react when Fleur tells her that she thinks the entire Association has become obsessed with having Sir Quentin's approval?
(a) Dottie suddenly claims it was getting late, and abruptly leaves.
(b) She agrees that Sir Quentin seems to inspire the members to follow him.
(c) Dottie stops knitting but says nothing.
(d) She becomes unusually quiet.

3. How does Fleur define the word 'frankness?'
(a) As a euphemism for rudeness.
(b) As a code word for speaking too freely.
(c) As what most communication in these modern times is missing.
(d) As the only way friends should communicate.

4. What is supposed to happen to the memoirs being written by the members of the Autobiographical Association?
(a) They will be published in a series, each author being one of 10 installments.
(b) They will be published in 70 years, so that anyone mentioned within will be dead.
(c) The material will all be ghost-written by a professional author.
(d) Each one will be published upon the death of its author.

5. What had Sir Quentin tried to do with the members' manuscripts before Fleur got to work on them?
(a) He had tried only to polish the writing, leaving the stories intact.
(b) He had tried to make their boring lives seem distinguished and important.
(c) He had not had a chance to do anything with the manuscripts, which is why he hired Fleur.
(d) He had tried to insert adventure where none existed.

Short Answer Questions

1. On what grounds has Sir Quentin threatened to sue for libel?

2. How many roses were delivered to Fleur the day she called in sick?

3. When is the problem Fleur's publisher calls her in to discuss?

4. When Fleur discovers her original manuscript missing, who does she first assume must have taken it?

5. What does Fleur find when stops to get a book for Maisie?

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