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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Fleur begin to notice toward the end of January, 1950?
(a) That Dottie and Leslie no longer live together.
(b) That the Association members are becoming better writers.
(c) That Sir Quentin might be a decent sort, after all.
(d) The deterioration of the Association members.

2. Why does Revisson Doe agree to work with Fleur?
(a) He believes that through Fleur, he can learn more about Sir Quentin.
(b) He owes her old a friend a favor.
(c) He believes she has potential and that her future novels will be good.
(d) He finds her oddly appealing and wants to get closer to her.

3. When Fleur discovers her original manuscript missing, who does she first assume must have taken it?
(a) Leslie.
(b) Revisson Doe.
(c) Dottie.
(d) Lady Edwina.

4. How does Fleur feel after this visit with Gray?
(a) Worried that Gray might do himself harm.
(b) Jealous that he has been so involved with Leslie.
(c) Glad that Leslie has returned, at least temporarily, to Dottie.
(d) Her rage has subsided and she believes him much more sane than any members of the Association.

5. Where did Fleur first meet and interview with Sir Quentin?
(a) In the sitting room of her boarding house.
(b) At a local pub.
(c) In the lobby of the Berkeley Hotel.
(d) In the offices of the Autobiographical Association.

Short Answer Questions

1. By December of 1949, where is Fleur's primary focus?

2. How does Fleur learn about the job at the Autobiographical Association?

3. After seven weeks, why does Sir Quentin tell Fleur he wants to take over editing the manuscripts?

4. Why does Dottie tell Fleur that she is upset?

5. How does Dottie initially react to the members of the Autobiographical Association?

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