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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is supposed to happen to the memoirs being written by the members of the Autobiographical Association?
(a) They will be published in 70 years, so that anyone mentioned within will be dead.
(b) The material will all be ghost-written by a professional author.
(c) Each one will be published upon the death of its author.
(d) They will be published in a series, each author being one of 10 installments.

2. How had her main character, Warrender Chase, distinguished himself before the events of the novel begin?
(a) He had uncovered a plot to embezzle millions from the Bank of England.
(b) He started a charity to care for war orphans.
(c) He had rescued a woman from a burning building.
(d) He had an exemplary war record.

3. Why doesn't Fleur leave her job and write full-time?
(a) Because she has become close to Lady Edwina.
(b) Because she continues to mine the manuscripts for ideas.
(c) Because she needs to be around the people on whom she has based some of her characters.
(d) Because she needs the money and the job has caught her interest.

4. What did Fleur tell Dottie when she invited her into the Association?
(a) She asked her to spy on Sir Quentin and Beryl Tims.
(b) She told her she suspected Sir Quentin was using the members, but warned her to use it only as a source of amusement.
(c) She suggested she get to know Lady Edwina.
(d) She suggested that one of the members might make a good lover.

5. What does Fleur believe she might gain from a confrontation with Mr. Alexander, even though she doesn't want one?
(a) Fleur knows a confrontation would upset him, and she might have a good laugh at his discomfiture.
(b) Through a confrontation with him, Fleur can upset his superior-acting wife.
(c) Fleur believes she has a demon inside her that rejoices in seeing people not just as they are, but more and more of how they are.
(d) She believes by confronting him, she can convince him to lower her rent.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who interrupts this meeting between Maisie and Fleur?

2. Who begins taking Sunday afternoon walks with Fleur and Lady Edwina?

3. Which Association member does Fleur take a liking to at the first meeting?

4. Why is Fleur initially so pleased with her new employer and his assistant?

5. Why does Dottie tell Fleur that she is upset?

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