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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Fleur believe she might gain from a confrontation with Mr. Alexander, even though she doesn't want one?
(a) She believes by confronting him, she can convince him to lower her rent.
(b) Fleur believes she has a demon inside her that rejoices in seeing people not just as they are, but more and more of how they are.
(c) Through a confrontation with him, Fleur can upset his superior-acting wife.
(d) Fleur knows a confrontation would upset him, and she might have a good laugh at his discomfiture.

2. What was located across the street from Sir Quentin's flat?
(a) Fleur's rooming house, making it easy to walk to work.
(b) The hotel in which she interviewed with Sir Quentin.
(c) The BBC building, where Fleur has always wanted to work.
(d) A pub, where she and her friends meet after work.

3. What is the single sentence, overheard by Fleur in restaurant, that had inspired her novel?
(a) "Who was he, this man we all wanted to meet?"
(b) "He came upon the group of them, silent and morose."
(c) "They were all gathered in the living room, waiting for him."
(d) "Mr. Chase cannot join us this evening. He is otherwise engaged."

4. What explanation does Fleur give for keeping all the letters she receives, including those from a book store to which she owed money?
(a) She suffers from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.
(b) She wants to use them as material for a future book.
(c) She has no explanation.
(d) She fears one day suffering from dementia and wants references to her past.

5. Sir Quentin says that Lady Edwina is asleep when the first meeting ends, so Fleur does not take her out for dinner. When does she next see Edwina?
(a) Fleur runs into her walking on the street when she takes her lunch hour the following day.
(b) Lady Edwina is waiting at the office for Fleur the next morning.
(c) She is waiting in Fleur's room when she arrives home.
(d) She doesn't see her til the next Association meeting.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are Warrender Chase's intentions in Fleur's novel?

2. How does Fleur define the word 'frankness?'

3. How does Fleur react to Dottie's first written piece?

4. By December of 1949, where is Fleur's primary focus?

5. How does Fleur get rid of Maisie when she can tolerate her vapid conversation no longer?

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