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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Dottie behave when she comes down with the flu?
(a) Whiny and needy like a small child.
(b) Angry at the whole world.
(c) Melancholy and distant.
(d) More relaxed and much less an "English Rose."

2. Sir Quentin says that Lady Edwina is asleep when the first meeting ends, so Fleur does not take her out for dinner. When does she next see Edwina?
(a) She is waiting in Fleur's room when she arrives home.
(b) Lady Edwina is waiting at the office for Fleur the next morning.
(c) Fleur runs into her walking on the street when she takes her lunch hour the following day.
(d) She doesn't see her til the next Association meeting.

3. What does Lady Edwina say when her new nurse collects her from the Association meeting in Chapter 3?
(a) "She is a nurse, is she? Why do I need a nurse?"
(b) "Quentin, my son! Don't let her take me!"
(c) "I will NOT be treated like a pathetic old woman!"
(d) "Well my dears, he's got you where he wants you, hasn't he?"

4. Fleur lives surrounded by books, yet does not consider herself a bibliophile. Why not?
(a) She only borrows from the library rather than purchase books for her own.
(b) She only collects books of poetry.
(c) She collects books by the hundreds but rarely reads them all the way through.
(d) She is only interested in books for the content, not for their rarity or value.

5. Fleur realizes in the first chapter that one of her senses has a more keen memory than the others. Which one is it?
(a) Her hearing.
(b) Her sense of taste.
(c) Her sight.
(d) Her sense of smell.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Dottie describe Fleur's character, Marjorie?

2. Who does Dottie begin to confide in about her husband?

3. How does Fleur describe her method of character development?

4. What was the first physical quirk Fleur noticed about Sir Quentin when they met?

5. How far back in time must Fleur go to tell us the story of the Autobiographical Association?

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