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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lady Edwina say when her new nurse collects her from the Association meeting in Chapter 3?
(a) "She is a nurse, is she? Why do I need a nurse?"
(b) "I will NOT be treated like a pathetic old woman!"
(c) "Quentin, my son! Don't let her take me!"
(d) "Well my dears, he's got you where he wants you, hasn't he?"

2. Sir Quentin says that Lady Edwina is asleep when the first meeting ends, so Fleur does not take her out for dinner. When does she next see Edwina?
(a) Lady Edwina is waiting at the office for Fleur the next morning.
(b) She is waiting in Fleur's room when she arrives home.
(c) Fleur runs into her walking on the street when she takes her lunch hour the following day.
(d) She doesn't see her til the next Association meeting.

3. On what does the former priest focus in his memoirs?
(a) He writes primarily of his time in the seminary.
(b) He focuses on his childhood, not writing about his time in the church at all.
(c) He focuses on what brought him into the church, rather than why he left.
(d) Proving that he was defrocked not for a lack of morals but for a loss of faith.

4. How much progress have the members of the Autobiographical Association made when Fleur begins her employment?
(a) None have made it past the first chapter.
(b) They are each approximately halfway through their memoirs.
(c) Two of them have not started, but most are nearly finished.
(d) Two of them are nearly finished, but the rest are just getting started.

5. What does Fleur begin to notice toward the end of January, 1950?
(a) That Dottie and Leslie no longer live together.
(b) The deterioration of the Association members.
(c) That the Association members are becoming better writers.
(d) That Sir Quentin might be a decent sort, after all.

Short Answer Questions

1. How had her main character, Warrender Chase, distinguished himself before the events of the novel begin?

2. When Fleur first reads to Dottie from Warrender Chase, what is Dottie's reaction?

3. How does Fleur view Leslie's infidelity?

4. Who comes to visit after Fleur arrives home that first evening?

5. What are Warrender Chase's intentions in Fleur's novel?

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