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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Fleur feel when Sir Quentin decides to take over the manuscript editing?
(a) She was disappointed because the members liked her work.
(b) She didn't care one way or the other.
(c) She is glad to be rid of it because they'd started writing about their romantic adventures.
(d) She was angry because she loved the work.

2. How does Fleur react to Dottie's first written piece?
(a) She reads it aloud to the group at the next meeting.
(b) She edits it for her and coaches her on writing techniques.
(c) She tears it up and tells her not to share it with the group.
(d) She doesn't respond, deciding to use Dottie's thoughts in her own book.

3. How does Dottie describe Fleur's character, Marjorie?
(a) She says she is evil and not very womanly.
(b) She calls her sly and troublesome.
(c) She wonders why Marjorie is so homely.
(d) She says she is too much a vixen.

4. By December of 1949, where is Fleur's primary focus?
(a) On her novel, Warrender Chase, and an idea for a subesequent book.
(b) On spying on Sir Quentin.
(c) On figuring out what is going on in Leslie's life.
(d) On coming between Dottie and Beryl Tims.

5. How does Fleur feel about her name?
(a) She believes that she has blossomed over time and grown until her name fits.
(b) That because she believes herself to be relatively attractive, hers is a fitting name.
(c) That it was hazardously bestowed upon her at birth, before anyone know how she would turn out.
(d) That she'd have been better off named Joy or Gloria or Angela.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Fleur get Lady Edwina to behave during her first meeting of the Association?

2. What is the single sentence, overheard by Fleur in restaurant, that had inspired her novel?

3. Why is Fleur initially so pleased with her new employer and his assistant?

4. How much progress have the members of the Autobiographical Association made when Fleur begins her employment?

5. What does Fleur do while at home for two weeks with the flu?

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