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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Dottie returns from Ireland?
(a) She informs Fleur that she wants Leslie to leave.
(b) Leslie and Dottie renew their marriage vows.
(c) Leslie asks if he can move in with Fleur.
(d) Leslie returns immediately to Gray.

2. How does Fleur react about her book find when she shops for Maisie?
(a) She rejoices, feeling like she's met an old friend.
(b) She feels more curious than anything.
(c) She feels stunned, having not realized it was out there.
(d) She looks for more of the same kind of thing.

3. What happens when Fleur calls in sick after spending the night dancing with Wally?
(a) Lady Edwina tells her she will cover for her.
(b) Sir Quentin warns her that further absences will get her fired.
(c) Beryl asks for a medical certificate, and Fleur tells her to go to Hell.
(d) Beryl offers to send Dottie over with soup.

4. Who does Wally think he's heard of before?
(a) Sir Eric Findlay.
(b) Beryl Tims.
(c) Lady Edwina.
(d) Sir Quentin Oliver.

5. When did Fleur finally finish Warrender Chase?
(a) January, 1950.
(b) November, 1949.
(c) February, 1950.
(d) December, 1949.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sir Quentin inquire about Fleur's future?

2. What are Warrender Chase's intentions in Fleur's novel?

3. What does Fleur do with her companion at the party?

4. How did Fleur get Lady Edwina to behave during her first meeting of the Association?

5. By December of 1949, where is Fleur's primary focus?

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