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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Harriet try to give Ruby?
(a) A pay raise.
(b) One of the jewelry keys Harriet made.
(c) Praise.
(d) More hours.

2. How does Cora explain Jaime's actions?
(a) He had a difficult childhood and it brings back memories.
(b) He is disappointed in Ruby.
(c) He has very high expectations.
(d) He is as hard on himself as he is on others.

3. What is one thing Ruby concentrates on in December?
(a) Botany.
(b) Calculus.
(c) Doing things with Olivia.
(d) Helping Cora.

4. About what does Cora say she feels guilty?
(a) For hating their mother.
(b) For resenting the idea of having to take care of Ruby.
(c) For having left Ruby behind.
(d) For not talking to Ruby sooner.

5. What does Ruby learn about her father?
(a) He is famous.
(b) He is dead.
(c) He tried to give child support to her mother.
(d) He is living very nearby.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ruby want to tell Nate when it's almost Valentine's Day?

2. To how many colleges has Ruby applied?

3. About what is Ruby worried one day during a party at their house?

4. What does Gervais want in return?

5. What does Olivia yell at Laney?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Nate tell Ruby about his mother's new life?

2. What does Ruby do with Jamie on Christmas Eve?

3. What does Gervais want when he comes over to Ruby's house on Christmas?

4. What do Cora and Ruby talk about the next morning after Ruby's drunken episode?

5. What does Nate ask Ruby when she returns his sweatshirt and how does she respond?

6. What happens when Ruby gets back to Cora and Jaime's house and is obviously impaired?

7. What does Heather say she wished she had forced?

8. What does Harriet offer Ruby and why does she decline the offer?

9. What does Cora say about leaving Ruby when Ruby was young and how does Ruby respond?

10. What does Ruby do in the clearing after Olivia drops her there?

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