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Chapter 1

• Ruby is being shown around her sister's house. Her sister has taken her in when their mother deserted Ruby.

• After moving often, Ruby and her mother finally settled in a rundown house although her mother is often gone.

• The Honeycutts, their landlords, realize after her mother has been gone two months that Ruby is living alone.

• When a social worker picks Ruby up the girl admits she does not know where her mother is.

• Ruby wants to return to her house. She has plans to run away as soon as Jamie and Cora are in bed.

• Jamie says he will register Ruby at Perkins school in the morning. Ruby wants to go to her old school.
• As Ruby is leaving that night she realizes Jamie is not in bed but walking the dog, Roscoe. She runs to the back yard.

• She tosses her bag of clothes over...

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