Objects & Places from Living Dead in Dallas

Charlaine Harris
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After Bill and Sookie fight in Dallas, Bill repeatedly attempts to give Sookie these.

Bill's Bible

When Bill hears the name of Portia and Andy's grandmother, he shows Sookie this which proves that Portia and Andy are his great-great-great-grandchildren.


This is the most common commercial name for the synthetic blood that allows vampires to live without attacking humans.

Shopping Center

Bill buys this and gives Sookie permission to buy anything she would like on credit there.

Andy Bellefleur's Car

His murdered body is found inside this vehicle.

Fellowship of the Sun

This is an organization of humans who believe vampires are an abomination and should be destroyed.

Mansion in Dallas

The Dallas vampires live here on a small lot in the middle of the city.


This is the name of the bar owned in part by Eric in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Merlotte's Bar

Sookie is a...

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