Living Dead in Dallas Fun Activities

Charlaine Harris
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Create a System of Magic.

Create a system of magic. What can it do? Who possesses it? What is the cost of using the magic? How is the system similar and different to the one in Living Dead in Dallas?

Drawings of Characters.

Draw or find magazine pictures that you think represent your idea of the following characters: Sookie, Bill, Eric, Andy, Portia, Godfrey, Stan, Sam, the maenad, Farrell and Sarah. Explain why you draw or choose those particular pictures.


Write several diary entries by Sookie discussing her telepathy and the problems and rewards of having that ability.

Letter from Sookie to Bill.

Write a letter from Sookie to Bill explaining why she is angry at him.

Book Review.

Write a book review of Living Dead in Dallas for the New York Times book section.

Cover Art.

Draw and create a computer-generated graphic of a cover design...

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