Living Dead in Dallas Character Descriptions

Charlaine Harris
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Sookie Stackhouse

She is a cocktail waitress who was born and raised in Bon Temps, Louisiana.

Bill Compton

He was once a farmer who lived before the time of the Civil War.

Eric Northman

This is the name the leader of the northern Louisiana vampires uses in his business dealings with humans.

Sam Merlotte

He is the owner of Merlotte's Bar where Sookie works as a waitress.

Andy Bellefleur

He is a cop in Bon Temps who becomes very drunk one night after dealing with a difficult case.

Portia Bellefleur

She is Andy's sister and is also a local attorney in Bon Temps.

Stan Davis

He is the leader of the vampires in Dallas.


He is a vampire who is much older than Bill or any of the other vampires Sookie has met thus far.

Barry the Bellboy

He is a telepath like Sookie. Sookie has never...

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