Living Dead in Dallas Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Charlaine Harris
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Chapters 1-2

• Sookie, a cocktail waitress can read minds and her boyfriend, Bill, is a vampire.

• Vampires have come out of hiding and are in the process of having their existence acceptable through legislation.

• Andy Bellefleur, a lifelong acquaintance of Sookie's gets very drunk and Sookie has his sister, Portia take him home.

• The next day, Sookie finds Lafayette, the short order cook at Merlotte's Bar where she works, dead in Andy's car.
• Sookie tells the police the last time she saw Lafayette he was talking about a sex club in Bon Temps to which he had been invited.

• Sookie, and some of her co-workers, wonder if Lafayette talking about the sex club was the reason for his murder.

• Lafayette died from a broken neck, most likely killed somewhere else and dumped in Andy's car.

• Sookie goes home after work to get ready to drive to Shreveport with...

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