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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Aunt Elspeth and Aunt Grace move?
(a) To get a smaller house
(b) To help Del's father and family
(c) To be closer to church
(d) To open a bed and breakfast

2. What happens to Uncle Craig's manuscript?
(a) Del assumes it is ruined
(b) Del donates it to the library
(c) Del makes arrangements to have it edited
(d) Del has it published

3. Who is Aunt Moira's and Uncle Bob's daughter?
(a) Mary Anne
(b) Mary Elizabeth
(c) Mary Jane
(d) Mary Agnes

4. What does Uncle Bill ask for but Mother does not have in the house?
(a) Hot chocolate
(b) Wine
(c) Tea
(d) Coffee

5. Which of the following activities does Del's mother not do?
(a) Takes a correspondence history course
(b) Writes letters to the newspapers
(c) Designs clothes
(d) Joins a book group

Short Answer Questions

1. What news does Del receive when she returns home from her aunts' house?

2. What do Del's aunts think about Uncle Craig's decision not to run for election?

3. Who is Uncle Bill's second wife?

4. Which of the following does not bother Del about Major's having to be put down?

5. Which prayer does Del believe can save Major?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain Benny's penchant for clutter.

2. What object of Uncle Craig's do Del's aunts give to her after his death?

3. What is Del's mother's occupation in this chapter?

4. How does Del behave when she no longer wants to participate in her mother's sales calls?

5. What social and self improvement activities does Del's mother engage in?

6. What is Del's mother's position on religion?

7. How does Del become a living sales prop for Del's mother's encyclopedia sales?

8. What does Del relate about fishing with her Uncle Benny and her brother, Owen?

9. What is the fate of Uncle Craig's manuscript?

10. How does Del's mother manage to have her children live in town during the school year?

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