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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Del's mother not stop Del from attending church?
(a) She wants Del to make her own decisions
(b) Allowing Del to go will prove that her mother is right
(c) She believes in freedom of choice
(d) Del's mother is not home when she goes

2. Why do Aunt Elspeth and Aunt Grace move?
(a) To get a smaller house
(b) To open a bed and breakfast
(c) To help Del's father and family
(d) To be closer to church

3. Which of the following do Del's aunts not do for the family?
(a) Preserve fruits and vegetables
(b) Tutor the children
(c) Bake and cook
(d) Darn socks

4. Everything is ________________ in town.
(a) More expensive
(b) More desirable
(c) Happier
(d) Louder

5. What group does Del's mother eventually join?
(a) Daughters of the American Revolution
(b) The Democratic fundraising group
(c) The Great Books discussion group
(d) The Garden Club

Short Answer Questions

1. One day Del decides she no longer wants to be her mother's _____________________.

2. According to Del's aunts it is better to ________________________.

3. What reality about Uncle Benny does Del try to understand?

4. Which of the following does Del's mother not eventually refer to her as on their sales trips?

5. With what animals at Benny's house does Benny claim he will make soup?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Owen's idea to help save Major?

2. How does Del come to the realization that not all prayers are answered in the way one would like?

3. What is Del's mother's occupation in this chapter?

4. How does the story begin?

5. Why is Del helpless when it comes to helping Owen save Major?

6. What do Del's aunts believe about ambition in life?

7. What object of Uncle Craig's do Del's aunts give to her after his death?

8. Whatever happens to the turtle soup?

9. What are some of the animals at Uncle Benny's house?

10. Who is the surprise visitor from America who arrives at Del's house one day?

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