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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What shocking question does Jerry's mother ask Del?
(a) How much money her father makes
(b) If she is a virgin
(c) How much she weighs
(d) If she has a diaphragm

2. About whom does Del fantasize about sex?
(a) Michael Johnson
(b) James Hall
(c) Art Chamberlain
(d) Frank Wade

3. Why does Art spend lots of time at Del's house?
(a) He is doing some maintenance work
(b) He is tutoring Owen
(c) He is having an affair with Fern
(d) He is painting the house

4. What is the reaction of the town's residents to the photographer's work?
(a) Underwhelmed
(b) Appreciative
(c) Skeptical
(d) Awed

5. Which of the following is not a reason given for Miss Farris' death?
(a) She committed suicide
(b) She slipped and fell into the water
(c) She was kidnapped and thrown into the river
(d) She was shot

6. Which of the following is not usual behavior between boys and girls at school at Del's age?
(a) Hostility
(b) Mock hatred
(c) Evasion
(d) Public displays of affection

7. What does Del change the family's name to in her story?
(a) Holloway
(b) Halloway
(c) Halloran
(d) Hanrahan

8. Del believes that if she had been born in ____________ she would have already received the answers to her sexual questions.
(a) Brazil
(b) Spain
(c) France
(d) Italy

9. On what part of her body does Art not touch Del?
(a) Thighs
(b) Buttocks
(c) Breasts
(d) Feet

10. What does Del experience in the epilogue?
(a) Baptism
(b) World travel
(c) The process of writing
(d) Childbirth

11. Why doe Miss Farris and Mr. Boyce come to Del's class?
(a) To hold auditions
(b) To teach singing
(c) To give out awards
(d) To listen to the students sing

12. What does Del say she and Naomi talk about every day?
(a) Music
(b) Religion
(c) College
(d) Sex

13. Which of the following is not a reason that Del likes books so much?
(a) They are a constant
(b) They are organized
(c) They never change
(d) They never challenge her relationship with them

14. What does Naomi's mother's book not address regarding sex?
(a) Any nuances
(b) Birth control
(c) Emotions
(d) Pregnancy

15. What does Del's school host every March?
(a) A Shakespeare play
(b) A piano recital
(c) A choir recital
(d) An operatta

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Del's profession now?

2. What first experience does Del have on the way to the Brunswick Hotel?

3. Who is Frank Wales?

4. Why is Naomi furious with Del the next day?

5. Del bases her story on the events that happen to whom?

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