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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Frank Wales?
(a) He is Del's prom date
(b) He is Del's math tutor
(c) He is the boy who sits behind Del
(d) He is Del's cousin

2. About whom does Del fantasize about sex?
(a) Art Chamberlain
(b) James Hall
(c) Frank Wade
(d) Michael Johnson

3. What does Jerry ask Del at his house one day?
(a) If she will make brownies
(b) If he can see her naked
(c) If she wants to go steady
(d) If she wants to get married

4. Who is Mr. Boyce?
(a) The United Church organist
(b) The choir director
(c) The high school football coach
(d) The junior high history teacher

5. On what part of her body does Art not touch Del?
(a) Buttocks
(b) Breasts
(c) Thighs
(d) Feet

6. What must the students participating in the operetta do during rehearsals?
(a) Practice tirelessly
(b) Improve their voice projection
(c) Suspend their mock hostility for each other
(d) Get measured for costumes

7. Where does Del go when she gets drunk and disoriented at the hotel?
(a) The men's room
(b) Naomi's house
(c) The hotel restaurant
(d) The concierge desk

8. What favor does Mr. Chamberlain ask of Del?
(a) Bake him an apple pie
(b) Shorten a pair of slacks
(c) Search for letters in Fern's room
(d) Buy some cigars for him

9. What does Art say happens to some girls in Italy?
(a) They become artists
(b) They are sold to men
(c) They become models
(d) They marry U.S. citizens

10. Who is Bella Phippen?
(a) The librarian
(b) The organist
(c) The choir director
(d) The head nurse

11. How does Del feel about Frank Wales?
(a) She has no opinion of him
(b) She has a crush on him
(c) She cannot stand the sight of him
(d) She is madly in love with him

12. Which of the following is not what Del perceives about Naomi at her job?
(a) Fancy talk
(b) Adult clothes
(c) Affected mannerisms
(d) Sincere

13. What is Del's profession now?
(a) Sculptor
(b) Writer
(c) Teacher
(d) Interior designer

14. What shocking question does Jerry's mother ask Del?
(a) How much she weighs
(b) If she is a virgin
(c) If she has a diaphragm
(d) How much money her father makes

15. What does Mr. Chamberlain send to Fern?
(a) Flowers
(b) A farewell letter
(c) Jewelry
(d) Candy

Short Answer Questions

1. What has Del decided to write?

2. Why is Naomi proud of Del at the dance?

3. What year of high school is Del in in this section?

4. Which of the following does not enter into Del's fantasies about Art?

5. What is the name of the family on whom Del bases her story?

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