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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Naomi proud of Del at the dance?
(a) For drinking martinis
(b) For winning a dance contest
(c) For not getting drunk
(d) For acting like an adult

2. What must the students participating in the operetta do during rehearsals?
(a) Practice tirelessly
(b) Get measured for costumes
(c) Improve their voice projection
(d) Suspend their mock hostility for each other

3. How can Del safely say she loves Frank as the Pied Piper?
(a) She does not say anything about it
(b) She can say it as part of the operetta
(c) There is no fear of rejection
(d) She can say she is just performing

4. Which of the following is not a reason that Del likes books so much?
(a) They are organized
(b) They never challenge her relationship with them
(c) They never change
(d) They are a constant

5. In Del's fantasies, Art _______________.
(a) Sees her naked
(b) Fondles her
(c) Rejects her
(d) Kisses her

6. Which of the following is not a reason given for Miss Farris' death?
(a) She was kidnapped and thrown into the river
(b) She was shot
(c) She slipped and fell into the water
(d) She committed suicide

7. What do Del and Naomi hope to see when they realize that Art is at Del's house?
(a) Art's new car
(b) Art kissing Del's mother
(c) Art and Fern having sex
(d) Art's travel photos

8. What is happening to Del as this section opens?
(a) She is transferring to another school
(b) She is getting a new hairstyle
(c) Her parents are divorcing
(d) She is having a sexual awakening

9. The next morning Del awakens with ________________.
(a) A cold
(b) The flue
(c) A hangover
(d) A migraine

10. What has Del decided to write?
(a) Her mother's story
(b) Her life story
(c) Benny's book
(d) A novel about Canada

11. How does Del feel about Frank Wales?
(a) She is madly in love with him
(b) She cannot stand the sight of him
(c) She has a crush on him
(d) She has no opinion of him

12. About whom does Del fantasize about sex?
(a) James Hall
(b) Michael Johnson
(c) Art Chamberlain
(d) Frank Wade

13. In what terms does Del not describe herself as she stands at the mirror?
(a) Sexual
(b) Spiritual
(c) Physical
(d) Erotic

14. What makes Del run for home in her drunken state?
(a) No cab fare
(b) The police
(c) Naomi's father's anger
(d) Her curfew

15. What is the beginning of the end of Del's friendship with Naomi?
(a) Naomi gets married
(b) Naomi gets very sick
(c) Naomi moves away
(d) Naomi gets a job

Short Answer Questions

1. With whom does Del discuss what had happened with Mr. Chamberlain?

2. Which of the following is not what Del perceives about Naomi at her job?

3. Which of the following does not enter into Del's fantasies about Art?

4. Del believes that if she had been born in ____________ she would have already received the answers to her sexual questions.

5. What has Del outgrown in this section?

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