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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of book is Del writing?
(a) Autobiography
(b) Novel
(c) Poetry
(d) Biography

2. What favor does Mr. Chamberlain ask of Del?
(a) Shorten a pair of slacks
(b) Buy some cigars for him
(c) Search for letters in Fern's room
(d) Bake him an apple pie

3. What is Art unable to discuss about his trip to Florence?
(a) Religious differences
(b) Currency exchange
(c) Art and culture
(d) Language

4. What must the students participating in the operetta do during rehearsals?
(a) Suspend their mock hostility for each other
(b) Get measured for costumes
(c) Practice tirelessly
(d) Improve their voice projection

5. Why does Art spend lots of time at Del's house?
(a) He is having an affair with Fern
(b) He is tutoring Owen
(c) He is doing some maintenance work
(d) He is painting the house

6. With whom does Del discuss what had happened with Mr. Chamberlain?
(a) Miss Farris
(b) No one
(c) Naomi
(d) Her mother

7. What happened to the daughter of the family?
(a) She moved to Europe
(b) She committed suicide
(c) She graduated summa cum laude
(d) She got leukemia

8. What does Del change the family's name to in her story?
(a) Holloway
(b) Halloran
(c) Hanrahan
(d) Halloway

9. Which of the following is not usual behavior between boys and girls at school at Del's age?
(a) Evasion
(b) Mock hatred
(c) Public displays of affection
(d) Hostility

10. Which of the following does not enter into Del's fantasies about Art?
(a) His smell
(b) His occupation
(c) His face
(d) His body

11. Where does the photographer go in the town?
(a) The town hall
(b) The Baptist church
(c) The school
(d) The library

12. Which of the following terms does Del not use to describe Naomi after she has been sick?
(a) Discreet
(b) Daintier
(c) More ladylike
(d) Passionate

13. What do Del and Naomi develop to communicate about the crushes they have on boys?
(a) A secret code
(b) Hand signals
(c) Special handshake
(d) Cryptic notes

14. What is the reaction of the town's residents to the photographer's work?
(a) Skeptical
(b) Awed
(c) Appreciative
(d) Underwhelmed

15. What city does Art mention that he has visited that intrigues Del's mother?
(a) Florence
(b) Madrid
(c) London
(d) Berlin

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Del say she and Naomi talk about every day?

2. What does Mr. Chamberlain do when he picks up Del after school one day?

3. Bella is given the job because it only requires the skills of someone ____________________________.

4. What does Mr. Chamberlain send to Fern?

5. What is the beginning of the end of Del's friendship with Naomi?

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