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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Del's father not want to believe about the family dog?
(a) That he can speak
(b) That he is a mutt
(c) That he will kill again
(d) That he will run away

2. According to Del's mother, God was made by man, ______________________________.
(a) Which is what everyone should believe
(b) As it says in the Bible
(c) Not the other way around
(d) As a supreme act of love

3. Where does Del spend time at Uncle Craig's house in order to avoid his dead body?
(a) Veranda
(b) Kitchen
(c) Back porch
(d) Den

4. What does Del's mother tell Del about Uncle Bill?
(a) He is dying
(b) He is a wealthy man
(c) He is not really her uncle
(d) He is moving to Europe

5. According to Del's aunts it is better to ________________________.
(a) Exercise in the mornings
(b) Be satisfied with what one has
(c) Eat a light supper
(d) Have loved and lost than never to have loved at all

6. How long to Uncle Bill and Aunt Nile stay at Del's house?
(a) One night
(b) One afternoon
(c) One month
(d) One week

7. What is Owen's plan for saving Major?
(a) Moving out of state
(b) Having Major trained
(c) Letting him live with the family in Jubilee
(d) Running away with Major

8. On what day does Del announce that she is going to church?
(a) Christmas Eve
(b) Easter
(c) Good Friday
(d) Christmas

9. Where do Aunt Elspeth and Aunt Grace move after Uncle Craig's death?
(a) Jenkin's Cove
(b) Jubilee
(c) Jenkin's Bend
(d) Jubilation

10. What does Aunt Moira call Del?
(a) An angel
(b) A lunatic
(c) A jewel
(d) A mad dog

11. Which of the following is not present in Del's aunts' home?
(a) Unkind jabs disguised as jokes
(b) Double ententre
(c) Intricate formality
(d) Compassion for those less fortunate

12. What is the name of the road where Del's family lives?
(a) Children's Home Road
(b) Marker Road
(c) Stingley Road
(d) Flats Road

13. Which of the following does Del not wish to believe in?
(a) Uncle Bill's version of their childhood
(b) That her mother is the woman in the painting
(c) That she will have six children
(d) The world presented in Benny's newspapers

14. Why does Del's mother not stop Del from attending church?
(a) She believes in freedom of choice
(b) Del's mother is not home when she goes
(c) Allowing Del to go will prove that her mother is right
(d) She wants Del to make her own decisions

15. How does Del feel when her mother comes to school to present a prize for an essay contest?
(a) She is very proud
(b) She endures her mother's public persona
(c) She retreats into depression
(d) She is in agony

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is not something Del notes as different in town and the country?

2. What does Del do with the box containing Uncle Craig's manuscript?

3. What product does Del's mother sell?

4. Which religion does Del not try out in her search for a religious home?

5. What rumor does Benny confirm to the Jordans about Madeleine?

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