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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Del notice while shoveling snow one day?
(a) A redbird
(b) A blizzard coming
(c) A snow plow
(d) A car with American license plates

2. According to Del's mother, it makes no more sense to believe that an unseen being died for our sins than it would be to ___________________________________.
(a) Believe the Aztec notion that the sun would nor rise or set with the sacrifice of live hearts
(b) Believe in the Easter Bunny
(c) Believe in Santa Claus
(d) Believe in leprechauns

3. Why does Benny drive to Ketchener?
(a) To pick up a new housekeeper
(b) To buy groceries
(c) To go to the post office
(d) To get a haircut

4. What does Uncle Bill call Del's mother?
(a) Adelaide
(b) Maddie
(c) Adeline
(d) Addie

5. Del's mother denounces religion and _______________________________.
(a) Greed
(b) Spirituality
(c) Hypocrisy
(d) The idea that Christ died on the cross for us

6. During what months do Del's mother and the children live in the rented house?
(a) September to June
(b) September to December
(c) June to September
(d) October to January

7. What is the name of Del's dog?
(a) Major
(b) Jillie
(c) Scout
(d) Max

8. What does Del's mother do in an attempt to develop a social life?
(a) Joins the Garden Club
(b) Joins a sorority
(c) Hosts a ladies' party
(d) Volunteers at the museum

9. What job does Del's mother have?
(a) Hair stylist
(b) Traveling salesperson
(c) Nurse
(d) Teacher

10. What are the names of Del's aunts?
(a) Elspeth and Graciela
(b) Elise and Grace
(c) Elsie and Grace
(d) Elspeth and Grace

11. Everything is ________________ in town.
(a) More desirable
(b) More expensive
(c) Louder
(d) Happier

12. What does Del do with the box containing Uncle Craig's manuscript?
(a) Puts frogs in it
(b) Puts photos in it
(c) Puts her jewelry in it
(d) Puts her own writing in it

13. What do Del and Mary Agnes discover along the riverbank?
(a) A dead cow
(b) A dead body
(c) Skinnydippers
(d) Dead fish

14. What do Del's aunts bring her one day?
(a) A box of family photos
(b) A prom dress
(c) Uncle Craig's manuscript
(d) A car

15. Where does Del spend time at Uncle Craig's house in order to avoid his dead body?
(a) Back porch
(b) Den
(c) Kitchen
(d) Veranda

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Del's aunts it is better to ________________________.

2. What group does Del's mother eventually join?

3. Which of the following is not present in Del's aunts' home?

4. One day Del decides she no longer wants to be her mother's _____________________.

5. What role does Del take on to help her mother in her job?

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