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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Del's prays that she will _____________________________.
(a) Go to a good college
(b) Not have to continue to suffer with learning to sew
(c) Grow up to be beautiful
(d) Marry a rich man

2. What type of newspapers does Benny collect?
(a) Daily
(b) Monthly
(c) Weekly
(d) Tabloids

3. How did Uncle Craig die?
(a) Gun shot wound
(b) Car accident
(c) Terminal illness
(d) Heart attack

4. What is the affliction of Aunt Moira's and Uncle Bob's daughter?
(a) She is autistic
(b) She is retarded
(c) She has epilepsy
(d) She is slightly mentally challenged

5. What is the name of the woman Benny brings home?
(a) Madeleine
(b) Margaret
(c) Mabel
(d) Marie

6. What extreme weather occurs during the last spring that Del spends in Jubilee?
(a) A hurricane
(b) A tornado
(c) A flood
(d) A blizzard

7. Where does Del spend time at Uncle Craig's house in order to avoid his dead body?
(a) Den
(b) Back porch
(c) Veranda
(d) Kitchen

8. What does Del's mother do in an attempt to develop a social life?
(a) Volunteers at the museum
(b) Hosts a ladies' party
(c) Joins the Garden Club
(d) Joins a sorority

9. Owen begs Del to _____________________ in a desperate attempt to save Major.
(a) Tell him how to pray
(b) Talk to their father
(c) Let Major loose
(d) Run away with Major

10. What does Del find especially troubling about Major's death?
(a) Choosing the best place to bury Major
(b) Missing Major's funny tricks
(c) The deliberateness of the act
(d) Missing Major licking her face

11. What does Del do to try to understand religion?
(a) Watches TV evangelists
(b) Reads the Bible
(c) Goes to Gospel meetings
(d) Attend services a various churches

12. What is Del's favorite thing out of all of Benny's possessions?
(a) A stack of newspapers
(b) Aquarium
(c) Snow globe
(d) Chintz chair

13. What can Del not give Owen regarding Major?
(a) False hope
(b) A new home
(c) A rescue plan
(d) Obedience lessons

14. Where do Aunt Elspeth and Aunt Grace move after Uncle Craig's death?
(a) Jubilation
(b) Jenkin's Cove
(c) Jubilee
(d) Jenkin's Bend

15. Benny asks Del to _______________.
(a) Pick up his laundry
(b) Clean his house
(c) Write a letter for him
(d) Bake a cake for him

Short Answer Questions

1. Del realizes that prayer and ____________ do not always fit nicely together.

2. Which prayer does Del believe can save Major?

3. For what is Del searching in this chapter?

4. Owen asks Del whether a prayer for Major would mean ___________________.

5. Who is Uncle Bill's second wife?

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