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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Del do to Mary Agnes?
(a) Pushes her down the steps
(b) Screams at her
(c) Slaps her
(d) Bites her

2. One day Del decides she no longer wants to be her mother's _____________________.
(a) Trick pony
(b) Confidante
(c) Bridge partner
(d) Daughter

3. Where do Aunt Elspeth and Aunt Grace move after Uncle Craig's death?
(a) Jenkin's Bend
(b) Jenkin's Cove
(c) Jubilation
(d) Jubilee

4. Benny is a collector of ________________.
(a) Clutter
(b) Fenton glass
(c) People
(d) Antiques

5. What is the name of the store Del must pass to get home?
(a) Buckles Store
(b) Last Chance Grocery
(c) Mini Mart
(d) Flats Road Market

6. Which of the following is not something Del notes as different in town and the country?
(a) Houses
(b) Landscape
(c) People
(d) Sunday supper

7. What is Del's job during the fishing expeditions?
(a) Dig worms
(b) Catch frogs
(c) Bait hooks
(d) Clean fish

8. For what is Del searching in this chapter?
(a) Her red glove
(b) The meaning of religion
(c) Her hairbrush
(d) Her friend's dog

9. What is Del's favorite thing out of all of Benny's possessions?
(a) A stack of newspapers
(b) Snow globe
(c) Chintz chair
(d) Aquarium

10. What can Del not give Owen regarding Major?
(a) A rescue plan
(b) Obedience lessons
(c) A new home
(d) False hope

11. How does Del believe her prayer is answered?
(a) Her hair is really shiny
(b) She gets asked to the prom
(c) Her teacher excuses her from sewing lessons
(d) She gets a college scholarship

12. What does Del's mother do in an attempt to develop a social life?
(a) Joins a sorority
(b) Hosts a ladies' party
(c) Volunteers at the museum
(d) Joins the Garden Club

13. What do Del's aunts believe should be avoided in life?
(a) Greed
(b) Intimacy
(c) Ambition
(d) Religion

14. What role does Del take on to help her mother in her job?
(a) Driver
(b) Live-action prop
(c) Clean up
(d) Advertising

15. Del is asked to recall on cue information such as the names of the American presidents or _______________________.
(a) The capitals of South American countries
(b) Signers of the Declaration of Independence
(c) The periodic elements
(d) The Latin names for herbs

Short Answer Questions

1. Del's prays that she will _____________________________.

2. What type of newspapers does Benny collect?

3. According to Del's mother, God was made by man, ______________________________.

4. Which prayer does Del believe can save Major?

5. What job does Del's mother have?

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