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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Del's favorite thing out of all of Benny's possessions?
(a) A stack of newspapers
(b) Snow globe
(c) Chintz chair
(d) Aquarium

2. For what is Del searching in this chapter?
(a) The meaning of religion
(b) Her hairbrush
(c) Her red glove
(d) Her friend's dog

3. What is the name of the store Del must pass to get home?
(a) Flats Road Market
(b) Buckles Store
(c) Mini Mart
(d) Last Chance Grocery

4. Which religion does Del not try out in her search for a religious home?
(a) Catholic
(b) United Church of Christ
(c) Jewish
(d) Baptist

5. What does Aunt Moira call Del?
(a) A jewel
(b) A mad dog
(c) A lunatic
(d) An angel

6. What group does Del's mother eventually join?
(a) The Garden Club
(b) The Democratic fundraising group
(c) Daughters of the American Revolution
(d) The Great Books discussion group

7. What does Del's mother accuse Del of becoming?
(a) A snot nose
(b) Too arrogant
(c) Too big for her britches
(d) Self-conscious about her smarts

8. Which of the following is not present in Del's aunts' home?
(a) Unkind jabs disguised as jokes
(b) Double ententre
(c) Intricate formality
(d) Compassion for those less fortunate

9. What reality about Uncle Benny does Del try to understand?
(a) His marriage has failed
(b) He has had an affair
(c) He is sometimes cruel
(d) He is moving away

10. Why does Del's mother not stop Del from attending church?
(a) She wants Del to make her own decisions
(b) Del's mother is not home when she goes
(c) Allowing Del to go will prove that her mother is right
(d) She believes in freedom of choice

11. What does Del notice while shoveling snow one day?
(a) A car with American license plates
(b) A redbird
(c) A blizzard coming
(d) A snow plow

12. How does Del believe her prayer is answered?
(a) Her hair is really shiny
(b) Her teacher excuses her from sewing lessons
(c) She gets asked to the prom
(d) She gets a college scholarship

13. Where do Del's aunts live?
(a) Jenson's Corner
(b) Jenkin's Cove
(c) Jenkin's Corner
(d) Jenkin's Bend

14. What is the name of the woman Benny brings home?
(a) Marie
(b) Margaret
(c) Madeleine
(d) Mabel

15. What does Del do to try to understand religion?
(a) Attend services a various churches
(b) Reads the Bible
(c) Watches TV evangelists
(d) Goes to Gospel meetings

Short Answer Questions

1. How long to Uncle Bill and Aunt Nile stay at Del's house?

2. What do Del and Mary Agnes discover along the riverbank?

3. Del's prays that she will _____________________________.

4. Del's mother denounces religion and _______________________________.

5. Which of the following do Del's aunts not do for the family?

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