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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Del and Mary Agnes discover along the riverbank?
(a) A dead cow
(b) Dead fish
(c) Skinnydippers
(d) A dead body

2. What does Del's family raise?
(a) Chinchillas
(b) Chicken
(c) Foxes
(d) Minks

3. Which prayer does Del believe can save Major?
(a) The Hail Mary
(b) The Apostles' Creed
(c) None
(d) The Lord's Prayer

4. What happens when Major kills another sheep?
(a) He is sent to obedience school
(b) He has to be put down
(c) He is confined to the house
(d) He is castrated

5. What do Del's aunts believe should be avoided in life?
(a) Intimacy
(b) Greed
(c) Religion
(d) Ambition

6. Owen begs Del to _____________________ in a desperate attempt to save Major.
(a) Let Major loose
(b) Tell him how to pray
(c) Talk to their father
(d) Run away with Major

7. One day Del decides she no longer wants to be her mother's _____________________.
(a) Daughter
(b) Trick pony
(c) Bridge partner
(d) Confidante

8. What does Del do to Mary Agnes?
(a) Slaps her
(b) Screams at her
(c) Bites her
(d) Pushes her down the steps

9. Benny is a collector of ________________.
(a) Antiques
(b) Clutter
(c) People
(d) Fenton glass

10. On what day does Del announce that she is going to church?
(a) Good Friday
(b) Christmas Eve
(c) Christmas
(d) Easter

11. What role does Del take on to help her mother in her job?
(a) Advertising
(b) Driver
(c) Clean up
(d) Live-action prop

12. Del realizes that prayer and ____________ do not always fit nicely together.
(a) Manners
(b) Hopes
(c) Life
(d) Wishes

13. Which of the following is not something Del notes as different in town and the country?
(a) People
(b) Houses
(c) Landscape
(d) Sunday supper

14. Which of the following do Del's aunts not do for the family?
(a) Tutor the children
(b) Preserve fruits and vegetables
(c) Darn socks
(d) Bake and cook

15. What announcement does Benny make?
(a) He is married
(b) He is converting to Catholicism
(c) He is moving away
(d) He has to have surgery

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has arrived in the car with American license plates?

2. What does Uncle Bill ask for but Mother does not have in the house?

3. According to Del's aunts it is better to ________________________.

4. Everything is ________________ in town.

5. What is the name of Del's dog?

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